Sunday, November 19, 2017


A little bit of fiction and a whole
lot of truth in this poem.
Submitted to Poet Pantry #379
at Poets United
November 12, 2017

Take me back to my belonging place
Back to that simpler time
I’ve grown tired of the city
Its traffic gridlock and crime.
I sicken at the words “mass shooting”
And the senseless loss of life
It seems whichever way I turn
There are tales of anger and strife.
I don’t even know my neighbor
I doubt he knows my name
I’m tired of paying this mortgage
All the houses look the same
The pastor seems to preach money
And the church’s financial load
I long to be sitting in a simple pew
In the chapel beside the road
Let me walk barefoot in clover
And smell the fresh, sweet air
Drink clear, cold water from the well
No hint of chlorine there
Let me have the innocent faith of childhood
And belief in all things good
Trusting each person I meet
Will treat me as they should
Let me hear the rumble of Daddy’s voice
As he comes in from chores at night
Feel again the warm hugs he gave me
That kept my world safe and bright
Let me see Mother again in her garden
In the place that she loved best
Holding her gathered bounty
Against her aproned breast
Let me smell the perking coffee
And hear the rooster’s morning crow
See sunrise over the prairie
As the cattle start to low
I know they say you can’t go back
But I’ve lived long and well
All my friends have gone before
Now there’s just me left, truth to tell
So, when my time is ended
Lay me beneath the prairie sod
Take me back to the beginning
Just me, myself, and God.


  1. Oh Bev what a lovely ode to your belonging place....where you felt at home....where the world was safe and is hard these days to abide in a world gone mad.....this was amazing my friend and worthy of publication. Submit it somewhere as many will find it true for them as well.


    1. Thank you so much. Perhaps I'll think about submitting this for publication somewhere.

  2. I think the world looks worse and worse... but sometimes I wonder if it's as bad as it seems... but I too long for the innocence of childhood.

  3. That perfect innocence of childhood, it's always seems to feel better looking back!

  4. I would love to go back a hundred years and have us all do them over again and more consciously. A wonderful poem!!

  5. Reads like a prayer and a sign of the times.

  6. The need to belong is a primary one, understood by most, yet not always comprehended. Your images and memories are strong.


  7. Oh how we yearn for those seemingly simpler times. Fresh air. Friendly neighbors. And, oh, the innocence! The ending is very moving. I think we all end up this way in the end.. when our life ends, little matters except ourselves and God. (And hopefully other people's good memories!)

  8. Ah, I can feel the childhood memories and the longing in your voice for simpler times. We all want a belonging place a place where one can simple be restored. In the end, we find the beginning. As life circles around.

  9. This brought a tear and a lump to my throat. Beautiful, beautiful writing ... the rhyme working so exquisitely with the simple, pure lines. Those days of yesteryear - I too, miss them so.

  10. Yay! that was amazing! Your poems bring warmth and tears to my heart. Thank you Bev.

  11. Dear Bev, your lines took me to another of your poem about your one room school as far as I can remember, where there was such yearning . Aah...the simpler things of life!

    1. I'm honored that you remembered the school poem. I did have a rather idyllic childhood, and it surfaces in many of my poems.

  12. This is so beautiful.. your poem took me to another world.. and made me realize how little we are grateful for everything that we have in this world. Sigh.. especially touched by; "So, when my time is ended, Lay me beneath the prairie sod, Take me back to the beginning. Just me, myself, and God."

    1. Thanks for your kind words. It is a privilege to be able to share my poetic memories with such talented poets here.

  13. Your seniments are true. And that is why, when our time comes, we will be ready to go. The world is different now, perhaps it is all up in the air, and things haven't settled down yet. When they do, it will be a world we do not know. Hang it there Bev, don't give up. Make it a point to get to know your neighbor and let him know you.

  14. I yearn for these years to Bev - when life was simpler and a wonderful innocence breathed through the air and we sucked it in deep. When neighbours were friends and you could leave your front door unlocked. When we didn't have to worry on our children playing out.
    Life certainly wasn't perfect then, but somehow it was richer.
    Anna :o]

  15. This gave me chills and made my eyes water a little.