Friday, November 24, 2017


I’m sure we all have happy memories
of  holiday dinners with family.
This poem is a tribute to those meals
at the home of my paternal grandparents …
Grandma Katie rotund and loving, and
Grandpa Fred small in stature and long
in Baptist spirit!
Submitted to Poets United Poetry Pantry#380
November 26, 2017


I remember Grandma’s kitchen
From those days of long ago
For never king nor president
Saw such a wondrous show.

The smell of Grandma’s dumplings
I remember to this day
And, just as surely I recall
Grandpa saying “Let us pray”.

And large and small we’d bow our heads
Each seated in our place
And over all a silence fell
While grandpa said the grace.

“The crops”, he’d say, “are mighty dry.
Lord, we pray you see fit for rain.
And Neighbor Brown is poorly, Lord
We pray you ease his pain.”

And the trails of steam grew shorter
Over Grandma’s wondrous bounty
As Grandpa brought before the Lord
Each sinner in the county.

Then “We pray, oh Lord, for wisdom
For the leaders of our land
That they may steer this country
With a sure and steady hand.”

His burdens laid upon the Lord
Grandpa would finally reach “amen”
When heads were raised, our forks were poised
All ready to dig in.

Now I know Grandpa’s in heaven
As it is his rightful place
But, when God’s hungry, I’ll bet he says
“You set the table, Fred, I’ll say the grace!”

Painting by Eric Enstrom


  1. Those were the days of love, prayer and smile that created memories to be cherished later. So lovely Bev.

  2. This is truly a wonderful poem, Bev! For me, a favorite of yours. Indeed I think we all have memories of those special family meals, and your poem inspires me to think back on those old family meals as well. I really liked the way you worked the rhyme and I can picture the strong faith of your grandpa saying grace. The last stanza was a delightful twist!

  3. Aw! Such a sweet tribute to your grandparents.

  4. Sheer delight from beginning to end Bev- am sure God's grace is shorter but granted to such grandparents. I do love this verse especially-

    "And the trails of steam grew shorter
    Over Grandma’s wondrous bounty
    As Grandpa brought before the Lord
    Each sinner in the county."

  5. Love how you tied the bounty to the hardness of living by what the land might give. I think you make it clear how much more praying can be part of being a farmer than living today.

  6. Seems like it came from a different time. And that's a good thing.

  7. That painting (print) still hangs in grandma's dinning room... but if I remember grandpa had little to say.

  8. Awww.Luv the nostalgia so aply put to rhyme

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today Bev


  9. This is lovely. Reminds me of my own Grandma's kitchen, her dumplings and her was a simpler time, a wholesome time. I loved reading your poem, and remembering.

  10. We still need to pray for our leaders as I think they have lost their way.

  11. Beautiful family memories and a great tribute to your grandpa!

  12. What a delightful poem....I remember the waiting for grace and wanting to dig into each wonderful morsel set before us.


  13. Lovely! You are so adroit at putting rhyme and story-telling together WONDER FULLY.

  14. Oh gosh this is such a beautiful tribute!

  15. Lovely family memories Bev.
    I wish I could've enjoyed the comfort of grandparents. Unfortunately all had gone to a better place before I was born.
    But still, love abounded in family life.
    Anna :o]

  16. A sweet poem filled with memories!

  17. I usually find dining tables and dinner a comforting place. This poem illustrates it, Bev. Ah, memories. The last line made me smile.

  18. I've been at tables where the grace was seemingly never going to end. Those were painful times!

  19. Your final stanza is a real treat. It made laugh. Thanks so much.