Tuesday, November 28, 2017


All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind is a part of ourselves.    ~ Anatole France


It's Poetics Tuesday and Paul has
asked us to talk about "change”.
Here are my thoughts, submitted
to dVerse Poetics Tuesday
November 28, 2017
Once I was like the rock that fell
from the mountain face into
the stream… all sharp edges,
seemingly unchangeable. 

Life happened.  Like the rock in the river,
I was tumbled , bruised and battered
on my journey, edges smoothened
and honed on my passage.

Today I stand in the valley … change
softening and polishing my sharp edges, 
my solid core remaining, but enforced
now with lessons learned.


  1. Marvelous the extended metaphor here, Bev!

  2. I like the quote! This poem says it all about change. Such a wise and to the point poem. Good to see you here! You have been missed.

  3. That the solid core remains is good news.

  4. Love the metaphor & we can only get better as tumble and stumble some more ~ Hopefully we learn to soften our edges, but keep the fire within burning ~

  5. Rocks do get tumbled to bring out the polish and the shine. Bruised and battered, but you still rock! And so does this poem.

  6. Wonderful extended metaphor... but to add, when softened with age we are stuck in the valley below and never again can we see the view from the top.

    1. Ah, but the valley has wonders yet to be explored!

  7. I love the way you start with a simile which changes into a extended metaphor, Bev, and the ending is so reassuring.

  8. I love that the solid core is stronger now with the sharp edges polished - we often have to soften to let more of the blessings in :o) xxx

  9. The solid core may be our true self. Some might argue that they are/were all of it, rough edges and all. I don't subscribe to that thought because it is my constant prayer that I only ever act on the convictions of the core.

  10. Such a beautiful metaphor for life Bev. Bravo.