Sunday, January 26, 2020


Writer’s Pantry #4  and the message
is to lighten up a bit.  Sounds good
to me, Magaly.  All the heavy gets…
well….heavy from time to time.
Here’s a light-hearted Sunday afternoon
perspective, with a bit of a barb.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
January 26, 2020

I’ve studied the Fibonacci
Been to the springs of Weekiwachee
And marveled at all in between.
I’ve pondered many a conundrum
Puzzled enigmas that I found humdrum
And  opined things I wish I’d seen
I’ve experienced some of life’s ecstasies
Indulged in innumerable fantasies
And enjoyed the glorious ride
But he who’s in the highest seat
Bombarding us with scathing tweet
Is something I just can’t abide.


  1. Scathing tweet is bully stuff, yet the bully gets away with it and has hoodwinked followers everywhere. And those seem to be whacky old men in blue suits. Rules of his game. I would like to stick with Fibonacci and the other goodies in a peaceful society.

  2. Love it! And that last line: literally laugh-out-loud awesome!!!

  3. Good for you! (And you’re great with rhyme, too.) I enjoyed reading.

  4. conundrum and humdrum make me want to dance and drum, but the tweeter in the big seat makes me want to cry.

  5. Weekiwachee sounds like a good place to hide out.

  6. I enjoyed this and it's time that that tweeter gets thrown out of his chair

  7. Weekiwachee and Fibonacci... such a fabulous pair of words!

  8. You aren't alone in your lack of desire to suffer fools, regardless of how high (or orange) they might be.

  9. I absolutely love it!💝 The closing lines made me smile and nod in agreement.

  10. Well done! Clever and rhyme! I loved it.