Friday, January 17, 2020


Frank has asked us to Meet at the Bar
and consider the act of soliloquy at
DVerse.  Since I am in the throes of
relocating, I’m spending a lot of time in
soliloquy as I sort and pack. 
Submitted to dVerse
January 10, 2020

Sorting out the yesterdays
To make room for tomorrow
Packing up the joys
Leaving all the sorrow

Scattered photographs and memories
Like mismatched sox
How do you gather memories
And put them in a box.

Life is lived in chapters
Battles fought and lessons learned
Along the way a life well lived
As onward  pages turned

Now this, the final chapter
With moments yet to text
May it be long and joyful
Followed by what comes next!


  1. I like the thought of trying to pack memories in a box. There seems to be no way to keep some of them in a box.

  2. Such good questions to ask one's self.
    How do you gather memories
    And put them in a box.

    Keep them in hand as long as possible. Hopefully someone down the line will open the box and remember!

  3. Wonderful reflections, Bev! Happy packing :)

  4. Beautiful, the poem is. My thought is, many more are in that situation, and the feeling of togetherness, and purpose comes along. And, you'll never know; maybe man from now on will live for thousand years. That said, aI am not neglecting the feeling of what we in Norwegian call "savn". "Eternally owned is just the lost," a Norwegian poet once wrote. 💚

  5. do you gather memories. This poem speaks to my heart.

  6. I like the rhymes in this poem, Bev, and the positive attitude to moving house in the lines:
    ‘Sorting out the yesterdays
    To make room for tomorrow’.
    I also like the wuesiotn:
    ‘How do you gather memories
    And put them in a box’.
    That's one of the things that holds us back from moving.

  7. I am sorting through my mother's memories (and in the process find some of my own)