Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Mish presents an interesting challenge for
Poetics today at dVerse.  Reach for a book
at hand, read the last one or two lines, and
let them be your muse. Below is my line
and source:
“Quite soon it was only a speck that vanished in the distance”

Out Of The Deeps by John Wyndham

Submitted to dVerse
January 8, 2020

Each night, as soon as my head hits the pillow, worries come marching one by one.  Larger than life, each seems insurmountable and takes its place beside others of equal enormity, until they form a chorus of what ifs and how tos accompanied by crashing cymbals of I can’t, I won’r, and I didn’t.  A swirling miasma of unknown calamities overtakes me, like a non-swimmer in deep water.  A wise man once accused me of  pole vaulting over mouse droppings and advised me “Consider if it will be a worry next year at this time”.  Wise advice, easier said than done; but words I repeat to myself as I consider each worry.  If I’m able to apply the theory, quite soon each is only a speck vanished in the distance.  Oh joy!  What freedom.  Zzzzzzzzz

sleep is slow to come
worry worry go away
you'll be gone one future day


  1. It's hard to get any sleep when one's head is full of worry. Sound advice but, I agree sometimes it doesn't make the worry go away.

    I hope you get some sleep.

  2. Good description of worrying: "pole vaulting over mouse droppings"

  3. My mom describes it as a movie reel, memories of the past, unresolved issues, hurtful experiences coming back to life and of course the worries...all while she should be sleeping. Always a pleasure to have you join in, Beverly.