Sunday, July 19, 2020


Writers' Pantry #29 at Poets & Storytellers United
It's a lazy Sunday morning, and I was observing
our bird feeders while enjoying my morning cup of
coffee.  This silly little rhyme came to mind.
Submitted to Poets & Storybellers United
July 19, 2020

Bird-watching with my morning coffee
And a question comes to mind
Why are some males so resplendent
When their spouses are so less fine

The cardinal is magnificent
In his coat of ruby hue
His spouse is just a rusty brown
I know it’s sad, but true

The goldfinch is a glorious fellow
Golden like his name
The missus has no yellow
But they’re married all the same.

And then there’s the barnyard rooster
He’s a sort of loud-mouthed jerk
He does all the crowing
And his hen does all the work.

There is, of course, the stately swan
They say he mates for life
Obviously he’s the one who’s learned
The value of a wife.

With us it seems the opposite
The male’s not much for show 
While the female makes herself colorful
With paint from head to toe

It all seems quite a puzzle
An enigma to think about
But, now I’ve finished my coffee
So this is Beverly, over and out!


  1. LOL, during my youth in the 80's, some males made themselves quite bright and colorful. I think that's when I realized I appreciate a little liner on a guy.

  2. I love your avian rumination over coffee! Go drink more--and write more poems about birds!

    1. Trying to keep my mind off viruses and presidents!!

  3. Oh, Bev! Thank you for this one. I have tears in my eyes from laughing. I can't wait to read it to my Piano Man. I love it when truth and hilarity have a party and I'm invited to dance.

  4. This "silly little rhyme" is highly enjoyable and is actually pretty insightful, Bev! I like the stanza about the swan.

  5. I enjoyed this one immensely, Beverly!πŸ’πŸ’ Some truly astute observations.

    1. Glad you liked it. We all need a smile once in a while.

  6. LOL
    and the peacock with his jeweled fan feathers
    leaves his wife a bleached white tethers
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


    1. Od course, the peacock. I forgot all about him!

  7. It is quite a mystery, aint it? Fun little ryhme. Enjoyed reading and pondering.

  8. I'm not close to a proper ornithologist but this is true for many species. Maybe those males need all the help they can get to find that mate.

  9. oh what a delightful poem Indeed some food for thought It is indeed quite the opposite. Oh and you used the words "the missus" I always thought this was typical kiwi slang but it is more widely used I see

  10. well that's interesting. and i've noticed this too with other species of animals (not humans). God's mysteries, hehe.

  11. Such a fun read.. miss all the birds while our lockdown continues!

    1. We are lucky our back yard abuts a tree line for a walking trail, and our bird feeders attract a number of feathered friends a stone's throw from our easy chairs in the sunroom, so they are a part of our lockdown.

  12. On a visit to America (Texas) in 2006 I was so thrilled to see a cardinal. They really are VERY red! (How tiny they are surprised me too. We have colourful birds here, but they tend to be quite a bit bigger.) The other birds that delighted me with their beauty were grackles – the sheen of their plumage – but the locals regarded them as awful pests for their numbers and noise. Thanks for sparking the reminiscences! I enjoyed your light touch and deftness with rhyme.

    1. I agree about the iridescent plumage of the grackles, but they ARE really pesky guys!

  13. The dance of romance all it