Thursday, July 16, 2020


It's Poet's Pub and we'r challenged to
write an I AM poem, first person narrative.
Submitted to dVerse
July 16, 2020

I am the summer breeze rippling the field of ripe wheat,. 
I am the meadowlark sending my melody from fencepost perch.  
I am the cattle munching sweet green grass, seeking 
 shelter from the summer heat under the old oak.  
I am the rooster, crimson comb and wattle, 
crowing my superiority to all.  
I am the hen clucking quietly to her sisters of his vanity.  
I am the rows of tall corn, ears hanging heavy,
 that will feed the nation.  
I  am the plump grapes on the arbor
   in the garden, ripe for the taking,  
 destined for jelly on freshly baked biscuits. 
 I am the rosy red tomato, ripened in sunshine, 
destined for hungry bite, juice 
dribbling down eager chin.  
I am crimson strawberry nestled in green
 leaves for game of I spy.  
I am the tall hollyhocks beyond the fence, 
offering bright color to summer sunshine. 
 I am the swallow darting and swooping
 in and out of the barn. 
 I am the apples and peaches ripening 
on the orchard trees.

 .I am the barefoot child who saw it all.


  1. Full of colours and sweet smells of summer❤ love it.

  2. Beverly your poem made me feel hungry and free at the same time. Your last line is so precious. It's all still there, within you.

  3. What a wonderful images of your childhood years. Made me nostalgic about farm animals and the carefree joy of summer.

  4. As we were driving home we were passing the fields, and just remarked that we hoped the farmers market would have some fresh tomatoes to make tomatoe sandwiches this week. mmm.

    we lost our grape arbhor a few years back to a storm. i miss them fresh off the vine.

    wonderful closing line. So much to take in as a little one. and they do, see it all.

  5. I enjoyed so much picturing the bounty of the summer garden and LOVE the last line where you are the child who saw it all. Beautiful.

  6. A wonderful poem Beverly! You just took me back home to my childhood with all of your wonderful images. Interesting thought... Image begins with I m !!

    1. Happy my words took you back to a special time!

  7. A lot of happenings out there which we inadvertently miss sometimes. How cruel can nature be! Great treat Bev!


  8. Your poem has lifted my mood this Friday, Bev. I love the activity, the busyness, the colours and the fecundity of it all. I especially love the lines:
    ‘I am the rooster, crimson comb and wattle,
    crowing my superiority to all.
    I am the hen clucking quietly to her sisters of his vanity’
    and the ‘rosy red tomato, ripened in sunshine’. I can’t wait for my tomatoes to fruit. I’m looking forward to another walk this weekend, where I can look at a rippling field of ripe wheat - I did that last week and took photos, but the more I do it the better I feel. 😊

    1. Glad you caught that tongue-in-cheek line. I think it escaped everyone else!

  9. What wonderful images of the plentiful beauty of the natural world! It left me smiling.

  10. This is so delightful Beverly. I love your take on the prompt.

  11. "I am the barefoot child who saw it all." Joy in one sentence here. :-)

  12. To be a child in summertime! Gosh, i rode and ran all over the creeks and streets and fields and junkyards or our town in the summer. This is delightful wonder!

  13. Your childhood sounds exactly like mine!

    1. Mine was in middle Illinois. Where was yours?