Sunday, July 5, 2020


Writers' Pantry #27, the half-way mark
for 2020, my 86th year.  I spent some time
in reflection recently, and this was the
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
July 5, 3030

Child, you see me, old and gray
But I was young like you one day
Plans made and dreams dreamed
a lifetime to fulfill, it seemed

Life  sped by at a rapid pace
At times it seemed I was in a race
But life was good and love was shared
And I was surrounded by those who cared

And now my race is almost run
And I look back at the things I’ve done
Happy moments come to mind
I think I’ve been honest, humble and kind

I’ll be forgiven, more likely than not
For the times I faltered and maybe forgot.
I think I’m ready when it’s time to meet
That friendly old gatekeeper, St. Pete.


  1. 'I think I’ve been honest, humble and kind.' With all that, plus happy moments and many things done, it sounds as if life has been wonderfully fulfilling! Long may it continue to be so.

  2. We're all creeping up on that inevitable Finish Line. I'm hopeful that the gates that greet me are pearly, too, not sooty/smoky, and that I pass the muster for entry.

  3. What an enchanting glimpse into the fine art of aging .....

  4. I guess if it's a race, in the end we win! Fun to turn that around. I don't like that as we age we are only seen as we appear, but there is so much more.

  5. This is such an evocative write, Beverly! May life continue to be fulfilling 💝

  6. Gentle, beautiful, and hopeful.

  7. Your poem Bev is oh so sweet.

    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday


  8. So long as St. Pete is not to critical I don't think I will mind catching up with so old friends of mine!

  9. Honest humble and kind - such a great mantra for living life!

  10. Beverly, your poems are always stories i enjoy. great write! you have a great skill of putting stories into poetry with rhymes all through.

    1. Your blog title implies we have much in common. Thank you for your kind words!!

  11. Aging definitely is an art..Love how you expressed it

  12. You have a beautiful outlook on life, Bev.