Sunday, July 12, 2020


Writers’ Pantry #28
Sanaa tells us of the importance of rain in
her part of the world, and we’re inspired
to share our thoughts.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
July 12, 2020

“God’s doing his laundry”, my mother used to say
on rainy days. and so I looked with affection on
any rainy day.  My grandfather, a farmer, often
mentioned rain in his grace before meals.  “The
crops,” he’d say, “are mighty dry. Lord, we pray
you see fit for rain” And so I grew to know the
importance of rain in the farmland. Rainy days
were for inside work, a respite from the hard
business of wresting a living from the soil
on sunny days.  My father would spend the day
in the “machine shed” where the farm equipment
was kept, tinkering with motors and some such. 
Mother would busy herself with sewing, cleaning
or baking....and outside the rich, black soil would
quench its thirst  and the crops, it seemed, grew inches
overnight.  There’s a wonderful pungent scent released
by rain on thirsty soil.  I remember it to this day, and
the mantle of peace that seemed to settle over our little
farm while God did his work.


  1. When it thundered my mother used to say the angels are moving the furniture again. I know that smell of rain on dry black soil.The Liverpool Plains is a rich black soil area of NSW Will try to get back this week some time.Loved your poem full of sweet memories.There is standing joke in the bush about leaving indoor chores for a rainy day...never happens

  2. I absolutely love this, Bev!😍 No doubt there is high importance of rain in farmland. Especially love and resonate with; "There’s a wonderful pungent scent released by rain on thirsty soil."💘

  3. My grandma used to say that rain was Mother Nature watering her garden. And if the sun was out while it rained, then Mother Nature was smiling extra warmly. I never thought about it much... but after reading your poem, I wonder if I love rain as much as I do because of those words.

  4. "The angels are washing their halos," said Gram, whenever it sprinkled.
    Not on a farm now, but I'm far enough out of the village, out amid the cornfields, to know that recent-rain smell. Ahhh.. Thanks!

  5. I like this. :) Happy Sunday, Bev.

  6. This is so beautifully written, I believe it counts as a prose poem.

  7. I like the idea of God working while we rest! :)

  8. Beautiful write Beverly--we used to think about rain as angels crying--now I think of rain as washing away our hurt

  9. My favourite response to rain is from the book of Daniel "Bless the rain"😊
    Thanks for dropping by my dumie Sunday today Bev


  10. Us townies only grasp the importance of rain if we have farming friends.

  11. I enjoyed this and I love the scent of rain after dry days

  12. your poem was lovely. the rain is a lovely thing. great write!

  13. That appreciation for earth and rain is a beautiful thing!