Thursday, November 12, 2020


This poem was written some time ago, inspired by a deserted country chapel I passed off an interstate I frequently traveled.  I often wondered about the stories it might tell if I were to visit.  Submitted to dVerse  November 12, 2020  Open Link #278



 It was just a little chapel that sat beside the way

But oh the stories it could tell, if it could speak today

The chapel is now empty where once it stood with pride

With voices raised in worship by those who were inside.

I stand beside what used to be, and can’t believe it’s gone

If I listen, I hear echoes of ice cream socials on the lawn.

I imagine all the faithful who have talked here with their God

While outside their forefathers rested deep beneath the sod.

I see all the bridal couples who have here exchanged their vows

And think of long-ago sermons soothing furrowed brows.

How many babes were christened, how many old folks laid to rest

How many Sunday mornings with folks dressed in church-day best.

I feel God all about me as I think of days of yore

And listen to the echoes of those who’ve passed before

One day I’ll be like them, when this life has passed me by

And my voice be but an echo to some dreamer such as I.

May I live my life with honor in my short time here on earth

And touch the lives of others with love, and joy and mirth.

May there always be a moment as day follows busy day

For echoes like the chapel’s and what it has to say.


  1. Gentle pondering on such pivotal moments in human lives, the church is blessed to witness them all. Wonderful poem, Beverly.

  2. Lovely! Old buildings hold so many stories. Sometimes we pick up the echoes.

  3. ah, i would stop and go in, too! i think your poem should endure

  4. This is a song of love for the circle that life offers from birth to death and the community we share the ride with. It is flowing and meaningful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I like the gentle rhythm and rhyme of this poem, Bev. All those weddings and funeral, christenings and celebrations. Every building tells a story.

  6. May there always be a moment as day follows busy day
    For echoes like the chapel’s and what it has to say

    It would have been interesting to know of the very special occasions that went through its doors. A pity it ended this way, Bev! It happens sometimes!


  7. This is so moving and thoughtful, Beverley! All those echoes of the people who went before makes us remember how short our time is here on earth. Just beautiful!

  8. A beautiful remembrance, Bev. Every time I return to my small home town ~ Caseyville Illinois ~ I visit the church I grew up in and the memories, oh the memories, come flooding back. Cheers.

    1. You're lucky it's still there. My little roadside chapel was to be moved to a historical settlement. It had been lifted onto skids, and a wind storm blew it to unrestorable pieces. There is a bench and a marker by a tree nearby. I sat there and wept when I visited and found it gone.

  9. This is incredibly poignant, Beverly!💝

  10. I had such a sense of peace reading your poem and imagine you picked up the vibe from that chapel. It echoes in you now through your words, good job!

  11. Nothing so sad as an abandoned chapel and nothing as inspiring, because the lives that worshiped, sang, prayed there, made it a heaven on earth for a time. I'm with you, Beverly. May our lives leave such "echoes" of "love, joy, and mirth."

  12. "One day I’ll be like them, when this life has passed me by
    And my voice be but an echo to some dreamer such as I."
    I like these two lines most especially.
    I was actually into the poem quite a ways before I realized it was rhyming...which is a real compliment in my mind, when the rhyming is not overpowering the sense of the poem.
    There is an Unfinished Church in St. George, Bermuda. If you google it, you will see photos. It is a haunting place. Different from your little chapel here as it never had a congregation since it was never finished. But it is used now as a setting for many an outdoor wedding...and it is just as haunting as your chapel. God lives on in both places I suspect.