Monday, November 2, 2020


It’s the dreaded quadrille, wherein 
I try to compress my personal verbosity 
into exactly 44 words. Happiness or a 
form thereof is the key word this week.
 Submitted to dVerse 
November 2, 2020 

are always
looking for happy
as the small magic moments
of our lives pass by unnoticed   
in our headlong rush to euphoria.

Glorious autumn colors, a blue moon,
laughter of costumed children 
seeking treats, proud parents standing by
These are moments 


  1. Oh I can relate so well to the first stanza of your poem here. Have you ever read or seen the play Our Town by, I think, Oscar Wilde? In it a man who has died is allowed to go back to earth to relive, well really, to watch, any one day of his life. He's of course trying to think of which one....the most happiest, the most thrilling....the angel (in the play the role is called Little Chap) who is to take him back to that day warns him to choose just an ordinary day because even that one will be so very emotional to be in again.
    I think it's to your point - happiness can be just being still. Seven years ago when my husband had a six-minute cardiac arrest, and five days later came home from the hospital 100% cognitively himself, with a pacemaker/defibrillator implant and many more years of our lives together in front of us....we very quickly realized, just sitting in the living room quietly together watching tv was absolutely a gift. We are truly thankful for every day....every small piece and experience of the do it together is a gift.
    As you can see, your post truly resonated with me.
    Thank you.

    1. I'm so glad my words struck a chord, Lillian. I do feel we miss the small magic moments, thinking happiness has to be some grandiose star-spangled moment, when we have it in our hands all along.

    2. Yes, Merril, to quote Wilder: "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."

  2. great take on the prompt loved it

  3. Your contribution made me happy. :)

  4. I like your bulletin board of happy moments, Beverly. Small moments of magic I like that :)

  5. Happiness lies in the simple things in life indeed, Bev! This is beautifully rendered.💝

  6. You are right. Happiness is in moments!

  7. Indeed feztival are times for family fun and bring a lot of happy moments

    Happy Monday Bev


  8. I agree the little moments can be the absolute most precious! When my husband was deployed with the Army I learned to never again take for granted the little moments. They can be so romantic if we just learn to appreciate each one. I enjoyed this brief but enduring message to pay attention to the little blessings we have each day!

  9. Wonderful. Yes, happiness is wrapped up in all the joyful moments of our life!

  10. Happiness is being in the moment, isn't it? And all those little moments that we miss in our busyness to get on with life. Perfectly put!

  11. indeed they are. love how you froze the bliss of those moments.

  12. A lovely shape and lovely magic moments, Bev!

  13. Exactly. We should count happiness in moments, not as a permanent state.

  14. Perfectly condensed--all those little bits of joy make up happiness.

  15. I really love how you present those simple things as happiness and not the winning of gilded fame that so many believes is what happiness is all about.

  16. Yes, childrens' smiles and parents proud!