Thursday, March 9, 2017

I've always felt we live our life in chapters.  For this week's Open Link
I've chosen a poem I wrote many years ago when I became a widow, and
a chapter in my life ended.
February, 2017

We kissed as you took your departure
And both said “I’ll see you then”
For how could we know on that morning
We’d not see each other again.

We live day by day always thinking
There’ll be time to say things on the morrow
But death takes away all those chances
And we’re left full of words in our sorrow.

I looked at your lips still and silent
And I wanted to shout “It’s not fair!
We had things to be said to each other
How could we know there was no time to spare?”

Did you know when I sat by the graveside
And words flowed that had been left unsaid?
It seemed the world faded about me
And it seemed I heard your voice instead.

It seemed I heard “Life’s for the living.
There’s no turning back, it’s all done.
Hold close what we had while our lives touched,
But it’s time to pick up and move on.”

It’s true time heals, as it’s spoken
And I find life still good day by day
But when someone does something to please me
I try to take time now to say.

For I know our time here is fleeting
And life rushes by very fast
We must say what we feel when we feel it
Lest the moment to say it has passed.



  1. This is so touching.. a lesson none should learn... though I think that there will always be those things we have left unsaid...

  2. Good point about not waiting to say what we feel also nice meter and rhyme.

  3. I love a good ballad, and this is one.

  4. This is so poignant.. especially "For I know our time here is fleeting and life rushes by very fast. We must say what we feel when we feel it lest the moment to say it has passed."

  5. Yes, how tragic if we fail to say something that we have kept putting off to a loved one thinking we have all the time in the, we don't. Very touching poem, thank you for sharing this most personal experience.
    Gayle ~

  6. Yes indeed, your feelings flow for us all here... Thank you...

  7. Such an important lesson in your touching share.

  8. Beautiful share and very touching story ~ Thank you for the reminder to be grateful everyday ~

  9. That's a beautiful memorial, you must have been deeply in love

  10. A sad but beautiful piece, Bev.

  11. Am reminded, of the last time, I spoke to my dad, before his fatal heart attack, for I was the last person, to whom, he said, "good-bye", the night before, over the phone, to me. In helping, to ease a difficult but right decision, to remove his life-support machines, allowing him, to move forward, as we ended his suffering, on this plane. To this day, 18+ years later, he's lives on, in my soul, as a pillar of support, during my periods of darkness. Thank you, Bev, sharing very personal poem, with all of us.

  12. touching and heartfelt, it is easy to connect to this ~peace, Jason

  13. thank you for sharing a part of you here, i know we write and want to say so much but this is a part of you that is so beautiful to see. I am touched by your spirit! I try to say things to him before we sleep because I have always had the fear I won't see the morning, a fear from losing my father so suddenly, and your words resonate deep with me. So even after my lover goes to sleep, and I feel I still have things to say to him I text him or I write a note that he will find when he rises before me. Thank you again!

    1. What a sweet note, Gina. Thank you. I'm glad my words touched you.

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  15. So True! I have seen this often (people wishing they had said something). "We must say what we feel when we feel it"

  16. Indeed. It's great you can look back at your pain and still smile and learn :)

  17. I have been let in on a very private moment, yet one we all go through when we lose loved ones. So touching and lovely!

  18. A beautiful poem of a very hard time...and a wonderful reminder that we need to express our love while we still can.

  19. Poignant and profoundly truthful. Thank You so much for sharing this.

  20. We must say what we feel when we feel it
    Lest the moment to say it has passed.

    To pick on the right time may not be fulfilled. It might get interrupted by untoward events


  21. Oh how I love this, Beverly. It's the only way to truly live, I think. To feel unabashedly and express our love.
    Thank you for sharing this!