Tuesday, March 14, 2017


It's Tuesday Poetics, and Lillian asks us to revisit an amusement park.
March, 2017

kaleidoscope of sights and sounds
smell of gasoline engines
fueling adrenalin rush
for frantic thrill-seekers.

ferris wheel view of chaos
smell of sweat and cotton candy
weary parents and excited children
“Once more, Daddy, please”.

tilt-a-whirled and dizzied
sensory overload
merry-go-rounded on wooden steed
nobody wins the race

taken high, turned upside down
scream into the night
right side up and grateful
overcome with revelry

homeward bound,
it slips away
cacophony is stilled


  1. THANKS for posting! Love that third stanza and also espcially the last line..."cacophony is stilled." Your details take us there!

  2. There is a lot of cacophony at these places. I was glad to reach the point where I no longer had to go on the rides with the children because they were old enough to go alone. Now I wouldn't mind doing it again.

  3. State fairs, carnivals, & amusement parks--sleeze, con, cajole & indigestion--but a year later, there we are again, ready for cheap thrills & gasoline olfactory onslaughts.

  4. Funny, am totally excited, to enter the fair, but quickly grow bored, with it. Guess, my extreme fear of heights, might have something to do with this, as I tend to avoid any ride that didn't stay on the ground.

  5. Liking the pace of this - and nice images - all catching that fairground clatter!

  6. I like that you ended the day in the last verse, often we go home deflated from all the excitement, but there's a soft ending, only the memories sustained, love the word cacophony!

  7. The sights and sounds come to life in this, Bed! A welcomed memory!

  8. I used to love these places! Now, they do feel like sensory overload, and I can do without the rides, but I love to watch my children have a blast.

  9. Well composed. The words capture the experience.

  10. A fun poem, all the sights, smells, noises. but at the end, that blessed end to cacophony. I still go to the country fair faithfully every year but have yet to get on one of the rides. I prefer going to the exhibits, the judging of crafts and food and garden goods, the animals...a truly old fashioned country fair.

  11. I like that last stanza, especially. I can hear the much-needed silence.

  12. Awee! That "one more daddy, please" took me back to my childhood. Too cute!

  13. Oh I could feel the relief at the end... I wonder how you handle it as a child.

  14. You've conveyed the atmosphere so well through the senses and the pace of the poem, Beverly, and those final lines slow down beautifully to a satisfying stop.

  15. a delicious dance through the fair

  16. I can hear all that excitement and children' laughter. It's a sound that never leaves a person, once you've heard it.

  17. Just like all good (or bad) things in life, afterwards, they do slip away until remembered maybe years later.