Wednesday, March 8, 2017


We’re honoring International Woman’s Day.  Born in the era when a woman’s place was in the home, I married and raised my babies as expected.  I was widowed at a young age, however, and so began my business career.  I have always felt I had the best of both worlds.   My poem is not deep or introspective, but rather a humorous look at my self-confident self in a humbling moment. 
Submitted to Poets United Midweek Motif, February, 2017,
with a salute to all the young working mothers today who are juggling motherhood and career.

T’was at my friend’s daughter’s wedding
I’ve remembered it all this while
I’d taken the arm of my usher
And we’d headed up the aisle.

Under my brand new navy dress
I wore my ancient navy half slip
It’s elastic was weak and weary
But it hung on my ample hip.

I was looking downright regal
For our brief trip, heaven knows
But, soon that dratted half slip
Fell down about my toes.

I hardly missed a forward step
As I bent to pick it up
Gathered it in my fist
And continued on…Hup Hup

My escort looked over at me
With a twinkle in his eye
“It was just my slip”, I whispered
And slid into my seat with a sigh.

When I told it at the reception
We all had a laugh quite hearty
As I sat slipless among good friends
At that well-remembered wedding party.

I’m attending a wedding in a week or two
But I won’t take a chance
I’ll still be downright regal,
But I’ll be wearing pants!


  1. I'm chuckling. This was so delightfully funny.

  2. LOL. I LOVE this! We do have those moments. Sounds like you made a graceful recovery, hee hee.

  3. What a delightful poem! Not many people could keep going after such a mishap, but laughter is often the saving grace in an otherwise embarrassing situation. I'm glad that laughter sustained--and sustains--you!

    1. Well, it happened to be a very pretty half slip, and there was naught to do but laugh about it!

  4. Someday I'll tell my loss-of skirt story ... until then, how bold!

  5. haha..humor is the essence of life...

  6. The was a lot of fun and congratulations on quick thinking and a cool head if it really did happen to you!

    1. Alas, it really did happen...and thanks for the congrats!

  7. What fun! And I guess we HAVE made some progress after all... ;)

  8. This is so funny, Bev, and so true. The answer is "body heat". Old elastic may look as if it's doing its job but body heat will unravel the shirring every time. I know because I once lost a skirt when shopping at Target.

  9. Brilliant!
    Hope the pants don't fall down! :o]
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  10. Ha! What composure and poise! What a great poem. Discarding your slip and opting for pants later on is quite a liberating thing.