Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Gender is to be the subject for this week's Midweek Motif
at Poets United.    I hope no one will be shocked at my rather
irreverent point of view.
 Image result for transgender public restrooms

 A poem about gender
Could be a mind-bender
Considering political brouhaha
Over naming our rest rooms
Or changing them to guest rooms
Some will fight to the last hurrah

I’ve considered my personal point of view
About this dreadful, contentious stew
And this is how it seems to me
There’s more cause for great dismay
About big problems in the world today
Than where we go to pee.

A tempest in a peepot?


  1. Bev, never underestimate the importance of symbols. In this case, where one can go potty.

  2. YES! That is exactly right! I love it.

  3. Hahaha. Gratitude for your irreverence. The only people hurt by the brouhaha are those who have always had reason to fear prejudice. Let's set them free and get on with it.

  4. For all that I must confess that I agreed with aunties and female friends about the the uncouth behaviour of men with the seat up or down problem.

  5. Indeed, there are MUCH bigger problems in this world that we should confront, instead of worrying about who pees where!

  6. Haha...Your narration is just brilliant , cryptic and neatly wrapped.:)

  7. oh me mind blowing....ha ha ha...