Thursday, March 5, 2020


Open Link #261 at dVerse.  This is
a poem from my archives, written
at a painful time,
Submitted to dVerse
March 5, 2020


My heart ached as she poured out her story
and I struggled to hold back the tears
“What’s happened to our love?” she anguished
“When it’s only been three years?”

My thoughts turned back to the wedding
When their bright eyes were filled with dreams
Dear God, how it hurts this moment
To see only silent screams.

Does he remember the times she needed
And, too busy, he turned away?
Does she know there were times she neglected
To make him feel king for a day?

For love is a delicate flower
That has to be tended with care
With warm words and loving and touching
And moments that are taken to share.

It seems they both were so busy
With their careers and hobbies and such
They passed day by day in their marriage
And they weren’t taking time out to touch.

Heaven knows the mothering was easy
When she was small and bright at my knee
But, now that her world’s torn asunder,
I’m as helpless as I can be.

God, give me some answers of wisdom
To respond to their questioning cries
Don’t let me just sit by helpless
As their bright young dream withers and dies.


  1. A painful poem for a difficult time. I can hear your anguish in this.

  2. This is such a common story these days, and such a difference when you don't have a band-aid to heal with... and talking of time is not a solution.

  3. Such a sad situation, Bev, which can be difficult to navigate for a mother, to have the ability to see both sides. Love is indeed a ‘delicate flower / That has to be tended with care’.

    1. Since this is a poem from my archives, the crisis is long since passed, but I see it happening again and again in young marriages in this hurry-up climb-to-the-top world we live in.

    2. I'm glad that the crisis is not currently happening in your family. Unfortunately, it's common in many marriages. :(

  4. Heartbreaking, Bev, but beautifully done.

  5. May they find a way back together.

  6. A painful poem indeed Bev and a situation which caused you much heartache, and I am glad the crisis is long passed.
    And I have seen it in young marriages too - it is sad.

  7. Yes, all so true here Beverley and lots to resonate with... As my mother was always fond of saying to me : "When you have children, you never stop worrying, however old they are... And she was right, of course...

  8. This is heartwrenchingly beautiful, Beverly!💝

  9. Such love and caring is here in your poem. The part:

    "Heaven knows the mothering was easy
    When she was small and bright at my knee
    But, now that her world’s torn asunder,
    I’m as helpless as I can be."

    resonates so much as I watch my children as adults. To remain an impartial party is so difficult! Their pain makes us hurt but no way to make it better.

  10. This is very sad and delicate situation. I am glad the storm has passed but love is to be nurtured everyday like a delicate flower.

  11. Beautiful, and close to reality!

  12. Oh, a mother's heartache and sometimes ours. Beautiful!

  13. Your poem speaks of the pain of watching something you can't control. That is something everyone can relate to in some way. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Mother's love shines through every word you beautiful.

  15. A very soul searching poem. So sad when a marriage goes down the tubes.

  16. It's so difficult when people we love are grieving and you just want to be able to fix it.

  17. In this "modern" world it is almost normal to be so busy passing each other in the night when you should be holding tight.