Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Muse #99

Sunday Muse #99, and our
photo of inspiration is that
of a black apple.  My muse took
me and the apple to current
Submitted to Sunday Muse
March 15, 2020

We're living in the weirdest of times
The. world is out of whack
Toilet paper is in high demand
And  the apple is turning black

Yet still we continue to bumble along
Seemingly. none the wiser
Convinced we're combating Covid 19
Safeguarded by sanitizer

Schools closed and games cancelled
Cruise ships in quarantine
Our lives in total disarray
The likes of which we haven't seen

The self-appointed king of our country
Is pontificating wonderfully wise
As if we haven't all figured out
He's the devil in disguise

We're all suspended in waiting mode
Hoping, and wondering when
Things might return to normal
And we have our lives back again.


  1. Going to be quite a while. Thanks for a timely piece of poetry.

  2. "Toilet paper is in high demand
    And the apple is turning black" -- Perfect.

  3. Hoping that "normal" is sooner rather than later! This is a marvelous poem.

  4. I am so with you. Living as long as we have, it is UNBELIEVABLE to me, the things we are watching and living through. I agree with you about the orange man.......

  5. Your poem speaks directly to the heart of today's reality. It's scary really. I wonder what the new normal will actually be?

  6. The Emeror has had no clothes for some time now, but nobody can tell him a thing.

  7. This is absolutely wonderful poetry here Beverly!! I love how you said all that needs to be spoken...truth in crazy times and did it perfectly in rhyme!!

  8. We are led by the weak, bloated one, but may we come together to show him what compassion can grow in the midst of pandemic.

  9. Our lives in total disarray
    The likes of which we haven't seen

    This is putting it mildly Bev. We have not seen the worst yet. It is really frightening!


  10. I enjoyed this so much! More than I should have given the topic--but if someone must be troubadour of our current discontent, I hope it is you!

  11. The "when" is the real question circling all others.