Sunday, March 29, 2020


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Pantry #13
March 29, 2020
My friends, I have chosen not to write something, but to share with you the words of a health care worker.  While we are enduring the inconvenience of being cloistered in our homes, these are the heroes who are fighting this pandemic at personal risk.  I’ve seen my son come home daily physically and mentally exhausted, so I can attest to the fact her account is truthful and sobering. She says,

“I have worked for almost 15 years as a Respiratory Therapist. I have worked horrible flu seasons and have never experienced what we are dealing with now. I am tired physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's not stopping, in fact it's getting worse every time I clock in. I don't know when people are going to realize the severity of it all. Do you have to get sick? Your loved one? Or does someone have to die? So yes, you are going stir crazy, we all are by now. Use this time to grow, use this time to slow down and love your family. In fact just to love again. You have been given the greatest gift, time. Utilize it well. Because let me tell you, my heart aches for these patients. We are the ones surrounding them while they take their last breath without their families by their side. We as healthcare workers will never be the same after this is done. So please if you have some time, pray. The power of prayer is amazing, and we need your prayer more than anything right now.”
times that try our souls
may correct selfish goals


  1. Respect and applause to the healthcare workers. An important taking time to love will make the world a better place. Yes lets pray

  2. Grow, slow and love your family. That's what life is really all about.

  3. Respect to all the healthcare workers, to the first responders, the ambulance crews, the security people who are risking their lives everyday fighting this disease.
    Thank you all!

  4. In the UK a video went viral last week. It was of a nurse sat in her car after working 48 hours flat out and unable to buy any food because the hoarders had cleared the shelves. It was heart breaking. I joined the rest of the country the other night at 8pm, standing outside and clapping for our medics.

  5. There is no way we can be grateful enough to the health care workers on the frontline. Hats off to them for their work around the world.

  6. Thank you for posting this. It personalizes what some consider that it's something that only happens to others. My love and prayers go out to the world.

  7. They are putting themselves on the line for us. At first it seemed all this devastation and expense was accepted so us elderly wouldn't all die off. That was a guilt trip. So tell him thank you for being so brave. BTW, my grandmother died of the flu in 1917 which Mom had brought home from school. She was six at the time and had felt guilty for grandmother dying for the rest of her life. Sort of how I still feel guilty for my elderly dog dying. Reasoning doesn't work on experiences like that. I hope to see Von, the dog, I. Heaven to tell I'm sorry.