Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Laura has challenged us to choose three of the provided rhyming sets in a
tercet of our own.   I ask your forgiveness for using galle-on!   I couldn’t
seem to do otherwise without dangling a participle!  My poem is loosely
based on Mel Fisher's discovery of the Spanish galleon Atocha in 1985,
which continues to give up treasure today, only half of its fortune thought
to be yet found.
Submitted to dVerse
March 18, 2020

Beneath waters the dreamer sailed upon
Were long kept secrets of the sea
Hidden in depths lay a Spanish galleon

In selkie tales it’s long been sung
Sea breezes kissed the dreamer’s lips
And spoke to him in Spanish tongue

Wealth , they said, may come your way
Harkening to their whispered sound
He set sail with hope beyond the bay

The dreamer dived to the ocean floor
Finding the galleon and its treasure spill
Of gold doubloons, emeralds and even more

It’s long lost tomb uncovered at last
The galleon Atocha gave up its treasure
The dreamer's found window into the past 


  1. I like the thought of that found treasure being a window into the past.

  2. This was a very nice write with an enjoyable story.

  3. apologies not needed - loved your ingenuity with that rhyme and the whole poem is masterly - really good use of the rhyme sets and the story you created

  4. I love the story told... and sometimes it takes a dreamer to find the gold.

  5. Weirdly, I feel this way any time I get to hold an antique tea bowl. LOL, well maybe not too weird to those who know about my tea obsession.

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