Thursday, March 26, 2020


It's Meet the Bar, and Frank asks us to
address couplets.  They may or may not
be preceded with prose, but the final
couplet must be of equal meter.
Submitted to dVerse
March 26, 2020

Closeted in our homes, the resilience and
creativity of people rise to the occasion,
and we are grateful for technology and
the ability to reach out and touch someone.
grateful for the health care workers who
work daily in the face of danger, and grateful
for all those in essential roles carrying on
as best they can, often at personal sacrifice.

In these times of crisis we realize
Heroes come in every shape and size


  1. In these times of crisis we realize
    Heroes come in every shape and size

    Very true Beverley! Some at the hospitals worked the long hours got infected and never came back! Pity!


  2. Yes they do... and we are so very thankful for each one!

  3. Very good observation about heroes at the end. They show up in times of crisis.

  4. A great tribute to the many heroes around at the moment. By the way, since I've come back to dVerse I'm having difficulty remembering there isn't an open link every week. I really must remember.

  5. Oh, ‘closeted’ is the perfect word to describe how I feel, Bev, it begins with the same sound as ‘claustrophobia’. I am astonished and thrilled at the resilience and creativity of most people in the current situation. The world is showing that it can be kind and thoughtful.

  6. Beautiful! Yes, you are so right about heroes--so often unsung, but bravely carrying on.

  7. So many new way of being a hero these day... refraining has become the way to be a hero