Monday, April 12, 2021


It's Prosery today at dVerse, and Lillian has given us If you are a dreamer, come in from a Shel Silverstein poem to be included in our prosery.  I played with some idioms, which fascinate me, for a succinct bit of nonsense advice....influenced by Silverstein himself. Submitted to dVerse  April 12, 2021


                                           IDIOMATIC ADVICE

Don't judge a book by its cover.  Watch out for truth seekers, tale spinners, 

losers and winners, black sheep, lovers and dreamers.  There’s more than

meets the eye, and smooth talkers are a dime a dozen.  If you’re a dreamer,

 come in, but they'll have a nail in your coffin before you can hit the sack.   

Take it down a notch, zip your lip, and play safe.  Good things come to him 

who waits ……if he’s not riding the elephant in the room.



  1. A great take on the prompt! I was a bit disappointed with the advice to take it down a notch, zip your lip and play it safe....and then I read the last statement and you had me grinning ear to ear! Really enjoyed this!

  2. why am i the one normally the one riding the elephant? loved this

  3. Lots of cautionary idioms in there
    Happy Monday


  4. Would riding the elephant be better or worse than ignoring it? Similar to taking the bull by the horns I suppose.