Monday, April 26, 2021


Frank has asked us to "live in the moment" for our haibun/haiku today.  It's a gorgeous sunshiny day with balmy temperature, so that's easy to accomplish!   Submitted to dVerse 4/25/21


Such an ordinary day, hardly worth a star on 

the calendar.  A little computer time, then time 

to sit on the patio and absorb the sunshine. Our 

new home backs up to the forested edge of a

walking trail.  We are still identifying trees and

shrubs, clearing undergrowth and planning 

to turn this into a pretty, relaxing spot. We 

notice one of the trees has bloomed small 

white blooms, perhaps a dogwood.  What 

a nice surprise. Time to contemplate nature’s 

unexpected gifts….and be grateful.  


nature welcomes us

unexpected blooms of white

bright spot in our day


  1. I love that your home backs up to a path and what lies beyond, beautifully composed, Bev.

  2. This sounds just perfect to me Beverly!

  3. The surprise of a first spring is always great... and flowers is the best gift

  4. A beautiful glimpse of your spring Bev, thank you.

  5. This sounds like such a lovely spot! Wonderful!

  6. Nature is often a bright spot in my day. We are lucky to experience its beauty.

  7. Sounds so whole and inviting Beverly, I just wanted to be there and I was.