Thursday, April 1, 2021


Open Link night, when we post a poem of our choice.   The grass is greening, the trees are budding, and my innate optimism is flourishing.  Abraham Lincoln said "A men is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be". and I think Abe might have had something there!  Submitted to dVerse, April 1, 2021



I looked inside to find despair
And found it simply wasn’t there
I thought perhaps that I could dredge
Some past affront and bitter edge
Maybe some hated dreadful wrong
That I could pack and take along
A personal loss on which to dwell
Some bottomless pit into which I fell
Surely if I think long enough
I can find some agonizing stuff.
But, try as I might to take a tumble
Into a hopeless, tangled jumble
Faith picks me up and takes me on
To each new and special dawn.
And life continues in beautiful prism
Buoyed on by endless optimism.


  1. Sometimes there is no getting away from it, but always:
    "Faith picks me up and takes me on
    To each new and special dawn."
    "By faith are ye saved, through grace."
    Beautiful, Beverly <3

  2. Bev ... this is SO you!! I am going to post a poem each day for National Poetry Month, my first attempt! I have turned off comments as 30 poems are excessive even for ‘friends’ to critique. ❤️ Back to prompts and challenges May 1st.

  3. Wow. Bev.

    If this is how you really are, I am so jealous of you.

    What a terrific write.


  4. Oh how great! Yes, I love it. I am learning optimism as I get older. But I like what I am learning.

  5. LOVE the illustration, love the rhyme, love the words!

  6. I love your hope-ful, faith-ful poem!

  7. The art work and your words are a perfect match. The last for lings are especially uplifting. This is one time you you seek, you are happy not to find. I enjoyed this.

  8. Where would we be without optimism? Enjoyed.

  9. Excellent optimistic post for this April 1st. Be nobody’s fool Bev.

  10. I love the positivity. It is never a foolish choice to look for the good in your day.
    Be well.