Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Poets United Midweek Motif challenge is
to write of FEAR.   Our world today certainly
offers lots of opportunities for fear...and yet
opportunities for enjoying the gift of life
are all about us.   


Tentacles of dread
doom and despair
sometimes seem
to be everywhere

What will we do
when the globe grows warm
How can we keep
those we love from harm

How will we conquer
this terror called Isis
What can we say
with our country in crisis

How will we save
the things we hold dear
and not be disabled
by the paralysis of fear

Perhaps clinging to faith
will help us to cope
Even Pandora’s box
at the bottom had HOPE

Live in faith or in fear
each day there’s a choice
Count blessings or sorrows
quake in fear or rejoice.



  1. Oh you explored this so well. I cant seem to find the words this morning. Too many directions to take these days. I LOVE the positive message in your poem.

  2. Thank you for this positive approach. It made my heart stop thumping and soothed my soul.

  3. How lovely! The rhymes are so natural, that this just flows. I particularly love: "Even Pandora’s box / at the bottom had HOPE"

  4. I know, it's seductively so easy, to give in, to fear, and lash out, in anger to those, who are different. Having lived, most of my life, being abused, by family members and those, close to me. And yet, am moving forward, with my life, as a testament, to growth and healing that darkness can\t triumphant, over the light.

  5. Count blessings or sorrows... important to stay positive and fight the good fight!

  6. "each day there’s a choice" and it depends on us to fear or not to the positive vibe...

  7. A beautiful poem of positive thinking and choice.

  8. Yes, even Pandora's box did have hope. We have to remember that, in the light of the many disheartening 'hopeless' situations - ISIS & climate change issues - there still will be a way (hopefully) to eventually find the light!

  9. You had me at the opening, sigh.. beautifully done!

  10. The great thing about the Pandora story? Pandora didn't choose hope; hope chose her! (I pray that hope chooses all of us as well)

  11. Wonderful poem with great advise

  12. Indeed! Faith can move mountains and dash them against the various fears that assail us daily!