Friday, March 17, 2017


Someone once asked "What would you do with
your last $20?", which gave me pause for thought.
My thoughts turned to the rich, flat prairie of Illinois
and the little farm where I grew up, and occasioned
this little ditty.
Submitted to Poets United Poetry Pantry
March, 2017


Ten things I’d do with my last $20
Me, the girl who’s always had plenty?
I learned well at my mother’s knee
To beware of the careless spending spree.
I’m not the trendiest girl on the block
But I’ve some put back in a well worn sock.

I’d need pen and paper so I could write
And something to read when it got to be night
I’d want a mu-mu, loose and flowing
(I won’t be wearing a bra where I’m going.)

I’ll gather my kids and we’ll head for the farm    
The one safe place, free from harm.
I’ll take along some packets of seeds
We’ll grow enough to meet our needs.

We may be down to our very last dime
But we’ll be living in a simpler time.
No electronic tethers, which some will think odd
But we’ll have time again to talk to God.

We’ll breathe fresh air, and dance in the sun
And count our blessings when day is done.
“They sure don’t have much”, some will say
But, then, what good is money anyway?


  1. I love the image of the farm as a safe place. It's been years since I lived on a farm, but it still is a safe place in my memory.

  2. This made me smile. I feel exactly the same way. Other than the muu-muu. They scare me, LOL.

  3. If we are down to our last money, I think I would seek the land... it's the only way...

  4. Good going... I Luv the sustenance of the farm and the definition the meadows, but I wouldn't want to have to farm the land to be able to eat.
    Food for thought though about that last 20$

    Thank you for dropping in at my Sunday Standard today

    Much love...

  5. This was a great poem, loved your rhyme and truth. The farm is where I'd love to be for the quality of life is more important than how much it costs.

  6. Oh I love this!!❤️ Such a delightful read!!❤️

  7. A beautiful poem, so serene. Family and a simple life ... much more valuable than all the money in the world. Lovely imagery. Thank you for visiting my blog, Magic of Words :)

  8. An interesting, thoughtful reflection.

  9. Oh, the miracle of "breathing fresh air and dancing with the sun"... I love the simplicity of this glimpse into a place you obviously love. I agree with the sentiments of conveyed in the last line--when we are in our happy place, the things the world considers indispensable matter very little to our hearts.

  10. This is a deep question. (i am satisfied with my $20)

  11. Perfect way to spend your last time... to go back to the beauty of the basics.

  12. Sounds wonderful! (Maybe you shouldn't wait until you're down to your last $20?)

  13. Country life is grounding.Bush mechanics is a creative pursuit. My car ran for a year using a piece of pipe from the chook house as an exhaust. Scrap the muu muu and get a can use it as a towel or sheet or curtains as well:)

  14. This is a perfect scene, Beverly - away from the hurly-burly of the city.. or of the world. Now, I have to think about of my last 20 dollars too...

  15. bev, you are such a free, sweet spirit. your writing inspires me. i've been in a bit of a poetic slump lately. you make me want to write.

  16. Bev, this was amazing. I felt goosebumps as I read through your lines. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. It's the simple things that really matter when it comes down to it....pen, paper, freedom from harm...such a lovely picture you paint.

  18. I like the idyllic atmosphere in your poem and the message of happiness not being equated with money and such.