Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Submitted to Poets United
Midweek Motif, where we’re asked
to contemplate movement.  I
chose to submit a haibun.
July 12, 2017

I refuse to dwell on political upheaval,
death, environmental problems, and
despair in general.  I choose to dwell
on the gentle breeze and the graceful
dance of the leaves on the large maple
in my view,  and the lazy, drifting clouds in
a sky of softest blue.   I savor the sight
of the cardinal, the dove, and the finches
at my bird buffet, companionably having
their lunch side by side, while bees are
stopping in flight to visit the lilies blooming
by the front walk.   I am blessed. 
Soothing gentle breeze
Reminds me to count blessings
Dwell on what is good


  1. This sounds so lovely and peaceful, Beverly. It is so good to be grateful for blessings, and to have the gift of seeing the beauty around us.

  2. Yes, yes, yes,


  3. Fresh air, indeed. This is beautiful way to know blessings.

  4. "Dwell on what is good" - Exactly

  5. This is certainly the way to shut out the horrors of the world around us. There is nothing quite like being in the garden and feeling that all is right in the world as the birds, bees and plants go about their business.

  6. If all humankind would open their eyes to the natural world the way you do, the blessings would be uncountable!

  7. You are most definitely blessed.

  8. One could feel the soft breeze of peace gently wafting here. So beautiful.

  9. wow what a beautiful peaceful poem opening up to a world of wonder

  10. It is a good way of living and believing if you can turn your mind away from the difficulties of life.

    1. I don't turn my mind away from the difficulties, but taking the time to enjoy that which is good helps recharge my batteries and be better prepared to face the difficulties.

  11. This is like the question of a tree falling in a forest with no one there to witness it. Does it make a sound? If we dwell completely on the breeze or the bees, do the horrors cease to exist?

    1. Of course they don't cease to exist! I'm well aware of them, but if the choice is to dwell on them or take the time to appreciate that which is good in life, I choose the latter.

  12. Beautiful haibun....As they say, a thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!! Lovely poem!!