Thursday, July 27, 2017


Poets United Midweek Motif  asks us
to find a sanctuary.  Also submitted to
Poetry Pantry #364
Submitted  July 30, 2017

In my home there’s a room where I spend my days
And the hours pass in a pleasant daze
In the corner a chair, all plump and comfy
For reading or napping, if it strikes my fancy
A big L-shaped desk for my computer and such
A sewing machine I don’t use much
Paints and pencils and things for my art
Happy pastimes that are dear to my heart.
There’s a bookcase wall with shelves for my treasures
Photos of loved ones and mementos of pleasures
A pocket watch my father carried
Photo of a niece on the day she married
A cage with glass birds my mother collected
Favorite books, of course, as might be expected
Books that transport me to exotic places
I travel the world,  just in my bookcases
From a trip to the Smokey’s, an arrogant duck
A carnival clock my father won with some luck
Painted by granddaughter, a colorful plate
A pair of brass swans from Tennessee state
A cross-stitched Welcome from my daughter, Lori
A shelf of art journals that record my life’s story
Special keepsakes from my friends who are arty
A photoshopped Sinatra from a long ago card party
From Germany a domed clock, a gift from my son
A small oil painting on glass I did just for fun
Notebooks of essays and poems I write
And outside my window, a pleasant sight
Feeders where feathered friends come to call
Such a blessing to see them all
This is my sanctuary, my safe place to be
With a heart full of happy, I’m glad to be me.



  1. Aah...I can see love glowing in each of these knick-knacks. The room has to be a sanctuary. So beautiful.

  2. The last line is particularly stunning

  3. Wow...sounds so artistic and beautiful...loved this!

  4. If I have that room, I can stay forever :)

  5. Beverly, you sound just like me. My room is much the same. Everywhere my eyes light, there is something I love, a memory, a meaning........I so enjoyed reading this poem. Your room is sanctuary indeed.

  6. Goodness have a lot of stuff...LOL

    1. In 83 years, one tends to accumulate "stuff". My mementos remind me daily of special people and special times in my long life ... a bit like wrapping in a warm blanket on a cold winter evening!

  7. What a beautiful place... a sanctuary, indeed... every piece speaks the language of love and home. Love it...

    1. Thank you, Megaly. They are, after all, the most important things in life ... peace and love. All else fades by comparison.

  8. All the little things in life help to provide a sense of peace to a sanctuary. I would, however, like to catch a glimpse of that arrogant duck!

  9. Oh I would be happy in such a wonderful sanctuary is so important to have this safe, creative, peaceful place.


  10. and a wonderful sanctuary it is! Beautifully expressed!

  11. Really I love this poem, Bev. It gives me a wonderful background of the poet who is you. I loved 'viewing' all that gives you a 'heart full of happy.' You have so many beautiful memories and remembrances. No wonder your heart sings.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I wish you a heart full of happy too!

  12. I had a room like that and unfortunately it's now overflowing with things that are stored there and that do not belong.....

  13. What a wonderful poem of your blessings. We should all do one to remind ourselves of how lucky we are

  14. What a ton of beautiful memories.. and how nicely you paired them up to rhyme!!

  15. It sounds like the perfect sanctuary -- cozy, safe and full of memories.

  16. Lovely tale of a room full of contentment and creativity.

  17. Beautifully sketched and imbued with such a serene, reposeful ambiance. And once gain: wonderfully rhymed!

  18. I think that might have been a good dream to get out of! But it made a good yarn.