Monday, July 31, 2017


Victoria hosts Monday night's
quadrille of exactly 44 words
to include the word FEAR.
Submitted to dVerse Quadrille #37
July 31, 2017

I couldn't decide whether to be hopeful,
or  succumb to it, so I've written
two quadrilles.  Bear with me!

Catastrophes and chaos
Calamity and disaster
Clamor with intention
To capture us in fear  

If we let them overtake us
And let our faith forsake us 
We miss all the good things
In the short time we are here.

Believe faith can conquer all.

I heard the rustle beneath my bed
I clung to my pillowcase in dread
I’m glad I wore my underwear
I should’ve brought along a spare 
It’s black as pitch, I cannot see
Is it a monster after me?  
Helplessly, I wait in fear
…and now ,,, it’s HERE!



  1. Both of these are great, but I prefer the first, more hopeful poem. I do believe faith can conquer all.

  2. I like the sentiment in the first one. It would be nice to carry around like a mantra, remembering our time here and not to let fear overtake.
    The second one works just as well in a different way, reminds me of waking when I was little.

  3. I love BOTH of these. :) Well done.

  4. I adore that second one, Bev! Monsters under the bed and your sly bit of humor really appeals.

  5. Truth tells in your first quadrille. But the truth of your humor is showing in the second one. I refuse to pick one over the other. Both are well-considered and well-worded.

  6. I'm rather partial to the monster under the bed!

  7. Fear has many facets. (doesn't it)

  8. I enjoyed these, Beverly. The first one I believe 100% (most of the time) and the second makes me smile. Faith and joy--your gift to us today.

  9. Fear makes us miss he good things that are here. Of course if there is a monster under the bed we will have to deal with it.

  10. Such a sad thing when this happens, though I find I just have to let go and forgive in my heart for my own well-being.


  11. Eek, they're both great. My favorite was the second one. Monsters under the bed are the worst fear ever.

  12. so true. it's so hard sometimes to not fight the wheel! But you're right, we're missing out when we're caught up. Very nice work!

  13. Oh I LOVE the second one....HELP! There's a monster under my bed! :) A night light might be just the answer here....would that a small light could chase away all our fears :)

  14. These are both great! I especially like that first stanza of #1, great churning rhythm and the cacophony of "C's" are like pangs of fear. Nice!

  15. I enjoy both of these Bev. I particularly like the message in the first one.

  16. Both are wonderful in their own right...and both speak of an unseen, invisible F. Faith and Fear.

  17. The second one wets my fear. I'm envisioning what was "here". Oh dear! <3 *Olga*

  18. Do t make me choose! Both are unique voices. I like the hopefullness of the 1st and the humor of the 2nd.

  19. Loved both the poems...the first one is so thoughtful...beautifully written!

  20. Wow! Both of them are amazing. Especially the second one, the rhythm of it didn't even need a rhyme and it sings!

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