Saturday, October 19, 2019


Sunday Muse #78 - a photo by
Erik Johansson to inspire us.
Submitted to The Sunday Muse
October 18, 2019

he wished to write his 
heart song
but somewhere 
from pen to paper
the music went away
and so he began again
and again  
all about him was littered 
with the detritus
of his 


  1. Yes my desk can look that way beside it when I am trying to write sometimes. Any writer can truly relate to this Beverly.

  2. I can relate to this Beverly! I like the detritus around him. I love that word, detritus.

  3. "The detritus of his dismay"....what a fantastic line! I loved this, Bev. So nice to read you.

  4. A Beethoven and not a Mozart!
    Former being write, write and rewrite, latter being, Get it in one!

  5. I think I have days such as his. I too think detritus is a cool word woven into your poem.

  6. Yes, I've been there. Such power in such few words.

  7. Wonderful take on the prompt Bev. Cool that you saw the crumpled sheets of paper as missed attempts at his heart song. I was overtaken by the perspective aspect and went with that. BTW Bev. I am a little more than 1/2 way through “Riverhorse”. It has been my “side read”, and my reading has been slack this summer. But I go into the hospital soon for my heart again. If it turns into a multi-day stay it will be my book of focus. It is a fascinating book, thank you again for turning me ontoit.

  8. "detritus of dismay" - not only do I love this phrase, I feel it.

  9. A emotional piece. It hits the heart Bev.