Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Poetics Tuesday at dVerse, and we’re
Asked to  explore sensory memories.
Submitted to dVerse
October  28, 2019

I remember the comfort of being half of a pair.
the security of simply knowing you were there
I remember the smell of your aftershave
your meticulous trimming of your moustache
I remember feeling cherished when 
you laughingly called me “bay-bee”
the sleepy morning kiss as you left for work
the pride of knowing you were a first responder
that final goodbye as you left for the fishing trip
from which you never returned.

For nearly 40 years you’ve been gone
and I’ve soldiered on alone
at times longing to feel your embrace
and calm reassurance that all will be well.
and still you visit in my dreams and
for a brief moment in time
I feel half of a pair once more.


  1. So long Bev, so very long. This broght tears to my eyes.

  2. Those times in your dreams, when you two are a pair again, such exquisite happiness and comfort for a moment. Bev, I'm glad he is still alive for you in your dreams <3

  3. A heartbreaking poem, Bev. As Kate Bush wrote in 'Moments of Pleasure', every old sock needs an old shoe. There is much comfort in being half of a pair. Dream visits are special.

  4. you conjured many senses in your memories - so touchingly Bev and I found it especially poignant as my pairing ended a year ago

  5. All those senses, remembered in such telling detail. The vividness of those dreams - comforting at the time, but reminding the dreamer of the loss. It's a lovely, sad, moving poem, Bev.

  6. Always imprinted in your life...a beautiful tribute.

  7. The poems in response to this prompt are killing me. This is so beautiful.

  8. Such a long parting, where it seems the senses are still fresh as new

  9. This is tender, heartfelt, and very moving Bev. Yours was a genuine love that still conjures your loved one in dreams. Beautiful write!

  10. Very nice first line: "I remember the comfort of being half of a pair." And the reminder of the pair at the end.