Thursday, October 10, 2019


dVerse Form For All!  Consider
pop art, a cultural phenomenon or some
such.  My mother used to grind Spam
with some hard boiled eggs, onion,
pickle, celery and mayonnaise for a
gastronomic delight she called
Spamwiches.  Here’s my tribute!
Submitted to dVerse
October 10, 2019

When did Spam fall from grace
It was once considered handy
Mom served company Spamwiches
They liked them fine and dandy

Today it’s being frowned upon
An object of ridicule
What’s happened to that standard
We once thought was so cool?


  1. I love Spam! Keep several cans of it in my pantry.

  2. I know what you mean. In this fickle world, even food falls out of fashion!

  3. I love Spam, too. I believe it became synonymous with WWII when that was often all that people could get. Even though I'm a War Baby, it's never fallen out of disrepute with me. Now they even have a lower fat one. And now I'm hungry. The rhyme and flow of your poem worked well for this fun one.

  4. Wonderful pop graphic of glorious Spam. I remember Spam and that surplus canned meat in the old days were fairly similar. I have memories of slicing it and frying it and it tasted pretty good. It may be out of fashion now but it's actually moved up in the world and performs on Broadway.

  5. It is amazing the bad reputation spam has. Right up there with fruit cake which I actually remember liking.

  6. And Monty Python made it popular again - for a short while!

  7. I remember at the primary school occasionally the budget for school meals would run out before the end of the term, and Mrs Casey would apologise for serving Spam fritters. She was a great chef! The only time I have ever tasted Spam, and it still haunts my nightmares.

  8. Sabio Here: Cool, I remember boyscout campout spam. Fun memories, thanx

  9. Perfect Beverly! I grew up eating Spam from time to time, when the pantry was lean.

  10. I haven't seen Spam for years. I remember Spam fritters though...ugh...
    and of course:
    50 years old, still ridiculous


    It's definitely not a bygone!

  12. Most people would not admit to ever liking it. Great take on the prompt, Bev.