Thursday, October 17, 2019


Poetics, and we're to choose our poem
of any style we wish.  I chose a very
personal poem I wrote some time ago
about a quilt I treasure.
Submitted to dVerse
October 18, 2019

I’ve a quilt of many colors my mother gave to me
She lovingly caressed it as she told its history.
“These pieces”, she said with quivering voice,
“Are from my grandmother’s dress.
I made it in her memory, after she’d been laid to rest.”

I look at the quilt of colors my mother so carefully made.
Life’s like the quilt, I said to myself,  with pieces painstakingly laid.
Some colors are bright and happy, others are dark and sad
And the way we arrange the pieces reflects the life we’ve had.

I love my quilt of colors and display it with very great pride.
It’s more than a piece of fabric, it makes me feel good inside.
Very aware of my heritage and my place in the scheme of things.
We’re all keepers of memories, whether we’re paupers or kings.

As my mother passed on the memories of her grandmother to me
So I’ll entrust the memories to my daughter too, you see
She, in turn, will pass them on in an endless living chain
And the hopes and dreams of our ancestors
Will live again and again.

As those before, so those to come
Will encounter both joy and strife
And each generation be given the chance
To piece the quilt of life.


  1. very glad you returned to this piece to post today. I love everything about it and most especially these lines:
    "We’re all keepers of memories, whether we’re paupers or kings."
    Just a lovely quilt.....and isn't it wonderful how the pieces themselves soften with age?

  2. Very nice remembrance of your mother and great-grandmother.

  3. I especially like the part about paupers and kings both being "keepers of memories." This poem makes me happy because my mom also likes to quilt.

  4. This poem holds such beautiful words and memories. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautifully expressed, loved these lines-

    And each generation be given the chance
    To piece the quilt of life.

    and every other line in your poem.

  6. Bev its a lovely piece of poetry you sewed together and a remarkable heirloom quilt indeed

  7. I love the idea of that quilt being passed on and on through your family. Apparently no one in my family quilted, I have no such lovely memory as yours to pass along. Thanks for sharing a most meaningful and beautifully written poem.

  8. Ah... the beautiful quilt of life! What a colorful quilt it is.
    Your quilt in the photos is beautiful!

  9. I love this... a quilt of all those colors is so much better than any headstone... may the stories of those pieces be always remembered.

  10. I have several quilts, from my grandmother, mother, aunt. And they will be passed to my daughters too. Lovely. (K)