Sunday, March 22, 2020


Writers' Pantry #12 arrives in the midst
of pandemic and sobering times.  My
children are both on the front lines and
I hold them in my prayers.  This new
poem is reflective.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
March 22, 2020

where have they gone, the busy people
who were rushing to and fro
the carousel stopped, the world stood still
and they met an invisible foe

they found they were facing pandemic
something they never supposed
their streets became eerily empty
the schools and stores were closed

the strong rose to the occasion
each doing what they could
vulnerability came to the busy people
and at last they understood.

how fragile is their carousel
how self-absorbed  their days
perhaps this is an opportunity
to mend their selfish ways


  1. As we see how fragile the carousel of life really is, we have an unprecedented opportunity to mend our ways. The question is: Will we?

  2. Now the humanity really needs to ponder

  3. Ah how fragile this life. Wishing you good health, and composture; especially since your children are in the medical profession


  4. If anything might bring the concept of compassion home to those who most need to learn it, this plague should do the trick.

  5. Excellent. I love this:

    “and at last they understood.
    how fragile is their carousel
    how self-absorbed their days”

  6. Indeed, the current situation paves way for compassion to seep into our hearts.

  7. It’s a fragile carousel indeed, Bev. I hope that the time spent not spinning teaches everyone how to slow down and appreciate life.

  8. My boy is a police officer. So, like your children, he doesn't really get to stay home while this mad thing happens. I hope people are kinder to each other, I hope they make his work easier, I hope we all remember that this is the time to help each other.

    1. History shows times of crisis bring out the best in people. Let's hope this is the case, and that the "best" lingers long after the crisis has passed.

  9. Isn't it sad it may take a pandemic to get some people to change?

  10. how fragile is our carousel... absolutely!

  11. Perfect time for mending.

    Here's wishing your children safety and good health.

  12. For kids that carousel stopped was a bad, bad omen. We all will be glad when it starts again, that is those of us live.

  13. We can hope folks mend their selfish ways ... using a carousel as metaphor is brilliant.

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