Monday, October 5, 2020


 Writer's Pantry #40, Poets & Storytellers, Inc.

Submitted October 5, 2020


Women are peculiar; they’re never satisfied.

They’re never really happy until they are a bride.

They find a man who pleases them with all that he has got

Soon they begin to make attempts to make him what he’s not.

From what he wears to how he speaks and habits inconsequential

She’s determined not to stop until he reaches his potential.

His first and most important criteria to meet

Is, of course, the obvious….what to do with the toilet seat


  1. An intriguingly humorous beginning morphing into a hilarious punchline.

  2. Hmm, I wasn't onside with these rather outmoded views (albeit tongue-in-cheek) – until the last line, which of course is incontrovertible truth and a matter of vital importance with which no woman could disagree.

  3. Ha...ha! I couldn't help but laugh about the toilet sit. A lovely humorous take on marriage.

  4. Soon they begin to make attempts to make him what he’s not.

    --- yes diligently so!!!

  5. I never wanted the bride thing but you got it on the toilet seat part. For me it's hanging the toilet paper roll the wrong way, but at least he does it once in while.

  6. haha! a delightful piece of writing.
    at least i got the toilet paper roll right. :)

  7. LOL, my husband has always been a gem about that. It helps that he has three older sisters. :D

  8. Even reading the title had me anticipating a funny poem. You did not disappoint! This is so real! XD