Saturday, October 10, 2020


 The Sunday Muse #128.  

Submitted October 10, 2020

                                                        THE LIGHT CARRIER    


Comes the Light-Carrier
Disposing  night terror
Her footsteps steady and sure
Lightning and thunder
Are all cast asunder
Night time is right time to her

Princes of Darkness tremble
Their minions disassemble
Evil is cast aside
So great is her power
Night creatures cower
She rules with God as her guide. 


  1. Haunting yet powerful! Light rocks no matter what time! Love what you did with your title Beverly! Brilliant!

  2. This is really strong Bev! Very engaging, well written. We gotta dispatch her to tge White House ASAP...

  3. I love the positive affirmations... enjoy your weekend, Bev.

  4. Each line falls with steady force & brings hope

  5. I am always glad to hear a Light-Carrier approaching. Hope she holds that lantern high in the voting booth.

  6. We need those light bearers, lanterns of hope to cast out the evil.

  7. A nice light with a nice carrier will do the dark down. Driving between Bavaria and Frankfurt on the Romantic Road, we spent a night plus at Rothenburg. One of our activities was to follow the lamp lighter as he took us on a walking tour and showed us the town after dark.
    We also had a 'chamber pot' but only Mom was allowed to use it.