Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Tuesday Poetics, and Lucy challenges us 
to write a dark ballad. Dark is pretty much 
out of my wheelhouse, but I'll "avvago". 
Submitted October 6, 2020

Sadie was the fairest of them all
So beautiful and bonny
Her heart was filled with longing
For oh she loved her Johnny

The postman brought the message
And this is what it said
“We know you loved your Johnny
But sad to say, my dear, he’s dead”

Sadie’s heart was broken
She said “I can’t go on this way
I have to be with Johnny
And I must find a way”

Wearing his favorite dress of blue
She went to their favorite spot
High on the bluff above the river
She was there and he was not

Sadie vowed to join her Johnny
As she took the final leap
She plunged into the river
No more need to weep

Now on the darkest nights
At the river on the bluff above
They say you can hear their voices
If you truly believe in love.


  1. Well done. A tale reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, but at least we get the closure that these two souls perhaps reunited... wherever they are. Fantastic work on this piece, I really enjoyed reading it. I know dark poetry is not everyone's cup of tea to write or read, but I'm happy you could contribute to the prompt. :) You did excellent, Beverly.

    1. Thanks Lucy. It's hard for me to write dark. I'm an eternal optimist, and my poetry tends to be light and humorous (I hope!)

  2. A great ballad of love, loss and finding a way to deal with deep grief. I think one could hear the voices if they truly listen.

  3. Goodness, what a tragic love story of a love struck couple. It would be a haunting night to hear their voices at the river on the bluff above.

    Thanks for joining us Bev.

  4. Your great tragedy takes us there... and leaves us going back to listen!! Well done Beverly.

  5. This is fantastic - you aced the prompt! A true ballad of tragic lovers reunited in death.

  6. Replies
    1. Tragic but not really dark. My stuff is usually light and hopefully humorous.

  7. Written Bev transitive for Lauren lovers a tail like this it’s usually always dark in one corner or the other I enjoy this well written.

  8. This is so tragic. Your ballad reminds me of Romeo and Juliet.

  9. I can almost hear this sung to an Irish tune! Lovely ballad.

  10. This is like a classic broadsheet... I almost expected Johnny coming back in the end, but as he realizes what has happened he jumps from the cliff as well.

  11. I was so relieved at the end that you didn't have him running to her, still alive, as she plunged over!

  12. Oh, what a wonderful ballad Beverly!

  13. Great ballad, Beverly! That reminds me of a scene in the Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp as Barnabas.


  14. Beautiful, joined together in death. Great ballad.