Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Weekly Scribblings #40, and we're asked 
to consider the term "walk away". 
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United 
October 7, 2020

Once upon a time in my life journey
I found myself betrayed
It was a time when I’d given much
And, oh the plans I’d made

He was the first to kiss me
In the back of his Dad’s Chevrolet
We were high school sweethearts
His smile simply made my day

I listened to his pretty words
And trusted what he had to say
I was totally ill prepared
When he simply walked away

I found myself feeling hopeless
As if something inside me died
Much time passed very slowly
Before I regained my pride

I always thought if I gave my best
It would be returned to me
I learned that someone else’s best
Was far short of what I see

Handsome is as handsome does
Is the mantra I repeat each day
I don’t trust a guy with just pretty words
I know he can carelessly walk away

These days I’m much more guarded
And caution comes into play
If I detect pretty words and duplicity
I’m the one who walks away.


  1. This is wise, and I like how it comes full circle. :)

  2. This is fine work, Beverly. Well-crafted and wise. Your closing stanza makes it clear that you've learned, and the that you also have much to teach those just starting down that road.

  3. Ah, the hard lessons we must learn when we are young. It takes a long time to fully understand that 'handsome is as handsome does'. (Or did me, anyway.) I like your tale of learning.

  4. I had one like that in high school too. But the boy I met in college... now he's a keeper. :D

  5. Ah growth and maturity, i kuv that
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today Bev


  6. Sadly when young we are often quite gullible but eventually we learn to judge a genuine partner...I hope!

  7. Wise words! It takes maturity to hear the duplicity. Tell that to anyone in high school who feels they are "in love" and they won't believe it though! I shouldn't talk, I married my high school sweetheart the summer after we graduated! I think people were older at 18 then than now.

  8. An often-repeated story, Bev. If only we listened. There were no Chevrolets when I was a teenager – most of my kissing was done on the back seat of the top deck of a big red bus!

  9. The ladies in our age bracket know how true this is .... I enjoyed every word. (And want you to enjoy your daughter.)

  10. I was sixteen when my first love walked away. I was so broken, but life taught me I was much better off without his footprints in my life.

  11. That's putting the shoe on the other foot. Better to be the one doing the walking.