Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 WEEKLY SCRIBBLINGS   Autumnal Equinox, and Magaly has given us a choice of phrases to include in our poem.  I've chosen "I see you". Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United, 9/22/21

Autumn enters on sodden feet--

the kind of rain that leaves us

searching for a fleece jacket

and thinking of bonfires

The last roses of summer bloom

bright and stubborn,

rebuffing the chill distraction, 

the burning bushes have yet

to don their coats of scarlet 

and the hills are still green.
refusing to bow to the

first days of autumn.  Here 

in my world we anticipate

those golden days we call

Indian summer, when the

scarecrows say “I see you”, and

gorgeous fall displays appear 

everywhere--pumpkins, gourds, 

chrysanthemums, straw bales

and joy---and  we know at last

autumn has truly arrived.


  1. Most leaves here wait for frost but the light-cued ones are carpeting the roads already. Some gorgeous reds and pallid yellows outside the restaurant here...

  2. My favorite Season .. Autumn in New York, Autumn Leaves, September ….. 🧡

  3. "scarecrows say “I see you”", your scarecrows are
    real to goodness scary. It's that time, we've had
    the harvest moon already.

  4. A wonderful evocation of a beautiful country autumn in your part of the world!

  5. Beautiful have created a lovely Autumn painting.

  6. I agree with Cressida, such stunning imagery. I can hear the rain and smell the cozy fire. And my mind is conjuring pumpkins and all sorts of yum.

  7. We are juuuuuust on the edge of those crisp fall days where I am. This piece makes me look forward to it even more.