Wednesday, September 29, 2021


WEEKLY SCRIBBLINGS #89  Rosemary asks us to consider realism.  I offer a series of vignettes that might be called maverick limericks in that they are a line short and have a different rhyming scheme.  The first indulges in realism, the next three consider the realist.  Submitted to Poets and Storytellers United, September 29, 2021

There once was a dog named Sport
Daily he walked with Sam
When asked who’s in charge
The dog would answer “I am!”

There once was a girl named Rosie
A pragmatic realist, cute and hip
“Nay, I’m a realistic pragmatist“, said Rosie
“I practice shooting from the lip.”
There once was a fellow named Nate
Who practiced the art of realism
Nate always had just one answer
With no possibility of schism.
There once was a fellow named Arthur
Practicing realism with a rowdy shout
His answer was sure to be loud and blunt
With him there was never a doubt.


  1. Very cleverly done Bev! Setting a format you conveniently set in motion as many quatrains for the response. All being little episodes of reality!


  2. The line “I practice shooting from the lip” brought all kinds of interesting images to my head. And of course the dog is in charge. Just don't tell the cats.

  3. Sport is right. The dog is always in charge. Unless there is a cat present. ;-)
    I enjoyed these!

  4. Hmmm, I think the first one has the lapse from realism. Dogs don't really talk in English! They may convey the message some other way, but that's not what you wrote. The others may or may not be imagined but are believably realistic, so I'll allow this. Though please note, I didn't ask people to 'consider realism' but to give us an example of it ( to 'write ... from a realistic perspective'; to 'describe something realistically').

    1. Ouch! I'm properly reprimanded for construing "something from a realist perspective" to considering realism, and taking largess with the challenge. Mea culpa. How about this?

      Light of morning on
      autumn’s first leaves
      Man retains control of
      dog eager to explore

  5. I thought the dog's name was "Spot", of Dick and Jane's "see Spot run" bunch. I doubt they were real. You, a farm girl, picked up on the lack of feeding places, not going around to all.