Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Writers’ Pantry #86        Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United September 14, 2021


Bookshelves … I must have bookshelves

in my new office space

for things that are important to me

…the flower pot painted and signed

by my grandchildren,

…the crock with the name of my

home town misspelled

because my niece knew it 

would drive me crazy

…the character I created dressed

in pieces from a band uniform

and dubbed Pope Midas Claus

because he has a touch of all three

 …a poem on easel by a friend

titled “November Rain” because

ii spoke to me

…a country church scene I painted

on glass many years ago

…a plate my granddaughter painted

…art creations by my daughter 

…an homage of theater productions

in which my daughter had a part

…three carved knights I call

my three wise men

…three monks in prayer from an

antique trip long ago

…art journals covering my exploits

for the past 30 plus years

…assorted word gifts from friends

…notebooks filled with many essays

written through the years

…..and books, I must have books

on my shelves……


  1. I love looking at other people's bookshelves, and yours sound fascinating and full of memories.

  2. Dear Bev ... I cannot explain the emotion flowing through me as I read this ... I can say I cried.

  3. All the things that matter, and precious, they must have a special bookcase to call home.
    An evocative poem. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Things that represent one's life. The books almost mean less than the things. I have bookshelves full of photo albums and I put in papers and mementos as if the albums were time capsules.

  5. Spilling all over us, as they should!

  6. Books are certainly mandatory – and I also like to put other things on my bookshelves too, things which have personal meanign for me ... just like you!