Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 WEEKLY SCRIBBLINGS  and we’re going to the fair! Submitted to Poets and Storytellers United, September 15, 2021



The magic of the midway

Never seems to fade

A stroll down the midway is

The stuff of which memories are made

The rinky tink music of the tilt-a-whirl

The lights of the ferris wheel

The hawkers at the game tents

Shouting “Let’s make a deal”

The mystery of the side show

And what might lie therein

Pretty painted dancing girls,

Bearded ladies and tattooed men

The smell of the diesel engines

Blended with hot oil for elephant ears

The sounds of all the motors

And the shifting of their gears

The fortune teller’s fancy tent

Knowing you’d have to pay

For her to tell your future

And what else she had to say

There’s really nothing like it

And I’ve searched everywhere

No place captures the magic

Like a summer day at the fair.  


  1. I liked my journey through the fair grounds. My parents never took me to fairs but I would go when I left home. I made special effort to go on car racing day, but I've never been to their horse races, nor any other.
    Those poor elephants, cruel the "hot oil for elephant ears." No wonder they are no longer for exhibition except zoo's, reserves, and preserves.

    1. I hope you're joking about the elephant ears. They are a deep fried pastry dusted with powdered sugar, and they are delicious!

  2. I think we all agree on that! And this poem, like the rest being posted for this prompt, is one place to recapture the magic. (Smile.)

  3. this is very nice and brought back some great memories. My parents made sure we went to the fairs and the circus too.

  4. Nice memory of the smells sights and sounds of the fair.

  5. Your poem is magical too. I enjoyed your vivid romp through the fairgrounds.

  6. Love that you chose the Midway!!! A great write. I didn't have an opportunity to join, though the Midway would have been the subject. I was thinking about all those mirrors that distort. Life is busy right now, however I may still write about the mirrors.

  7. Oh, you brought it back so well! The sounds and the smells and all.

  8. You perfectly engaged all the senses in this piece!

  9. Sounds like the perfect fair, Bev. It even rhymes!