Friday, April 14, 2017


Kim at dVerse has give us a challenging challenge this week at Meet the Bar.  "The challenge", says Kim, " is to choose a modern popular song, preferably one that everyone knows, and re-write it as a Shakespearean sonnet, which can be serious, humorous or just plain silly! To make it more fun, don’t give your sonnet its original title so that we can take a guess as to what it might be!
Here's my feeble attempt, though it's obviously not a true sonnet.
April 14, 2017


Whither art thou, my love, whither art thou
How I strive, but I cannot see
Was’t a will-o-the-wisp, an empty façade
Yet, still do blue eyes gaze on me
Still do blue eyes gaze on me

Tis confusion, methinks pure illusion
When I thought ‘twas passion for true
Whither art thou, my love, whither art thou
‘twas but a dream I thought was you
Yet still your blue eyes gaze on me

Alas, what I mistook for passion
Was but a figment of my desperate mind
Still, blue eyes gaze on me
But perchance they’ve left me behind


  1. This is lovely, Bev - the language is stunning and you've got my mind spinning, trying to work out what it is. I was thinking Elton John, Blue Eyes, but I don't recognise the opening lines. Then I thought 'Behind Blue Eyes' by The Who or Crosby, Stills and Nash, 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes'. I wonder if anyone else has got it.

    1. Lady Gaga's "Illusion", Kim ... a VERY loosely constructed sonnet thereof!

  2. love may be lost, but the memories remain...

  3. I like the repetition of the blue eyes gazing. I found Lady Gaga's Perfect Illusion. I hadn't heard it before, but it also has a repeating "watching me" line which fits this along with the "illusion" in both. Nice.

  4. Well, I'm all gaga over your sonnet ;) I appreciate the beautiful language you used for your sonnet - really lovely!

  5. I hadn't heard this particular Lady Gaga song. Love your sonnet. Such beautiful language.

  6. Yes, I don't think this is a sonnet. It does have some rhyme and some early modern English.

    As you said on my site, "The lyrics to most modern pop songs seem inane stream consciousness to me," and so here, this song of Lady Gaga is hugely repetitive and not deep to me -- just a person bitter about being trick that something they fell for may be lasting love. A common human complaint, of course. You did capture it is your verses. BTW Eminem's lyrics in the tune I tell are very deep, I think.

  7. Love as pure illusion. Am not a fan of Gaga but the lady sings with passion ~ Happy Easter ~

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous language here, Bev. :)

  9. I didn't guess GaGa I thought it was Dauntless by Chloe Bray because of " your blue eyes gaze on me." Wonderful sonnet and surprised I didn't get GaGa.

  10. Ah, I saw Lady Gaga's stuff. Fun "sonnet"

  11. Me thinks, thou hast nailed the challenge. Smiles.

  12. Wonder thoight of a lost young lover