Saturday, April 29, 2017


The Bermuda Triangle has always held a
fascination, and the fate of Flight 19 is
one of its mysteries.
Submitted to Poets United, Poetry Pantry
April 30, 2017

Five pilots of the Navy’s tried and true
Took off on a mission routine
The Florida sun was shining
There were high hopes for Flight 19

They’d completed part of their journey
When the lead pilot called to say
His compass had malfunctioned
And he feared they’d lost their way

And so no one really knows
What happened to the flight
In the last communication
They said “No land in sight”.

What  followed was a massive search
The outcome was as feared
All five planes and 14 souls
Seemed to have disappeared.

Two rescue planes had been dispatched
To try to find the flight
Before another day had dawned
One of them, too, had vanished from sight.

The searchers found no oil slicks
No sign of  debris was seen
To explain the mysterious fate
Of the search plane or Flight 19.

The Bermuda Triangle is legend
For ships lost and never seen again
She still holds fast the destination
Of the search plane, Flight 19, and their men.


  1. Thank you for bringing alive this memory

  2. Wow, you have reminded me of that mystery. Wonderfully written!

  3. Such an interesting mystery...and a tragic end... In Sweden a DC-3 disappeared, and it took many many years to find it.. but it was always known it had been shot down by Soviet.

    1. Amazing that they recovered the CD-3 12 years later, and it was salvaged! Thanks for sharing that story, Bjorn.

  4. This feels like it needs to be sung around a camp fire on a cool fall evening close to Halloween. Spooky and very cool.

  5. Yes indeed nice of you to resurface this legend
    Happy you dropped by my Sunday Standard today Bev

    much love...

  6. I fascinating story.. will we ever know the science behind the legends?

  7. Its a mystery alright. I think it will be solved in the future sometime..

  8. Such a mystery indeed ... intriguing! Well described here.

    Thank you for visiting Magic of Words.

  9. Is the Bermuda Triangle a Twilight Zone? Nice poetic storytelling.

  10. Yes, a most intriguing mystery. I didn't know all the details until reading your poem.

  11. Wonderful! An epic rendering ... befitting such a saga. I really enjoy reading your poetry. You have a marvelous sense of cadence that you imbue into your pieces.

  12. It explains the uncertainty and mystery for sure

  13. You have reminded us of the reality that there are still many things around us which defy explanations.