Tuesday, April 4, 2017


It's Poetic Tuesday at dVerse, and Lillian has asked us to
investigate anthropomorphism, which brought to mind
HyberNate, the bear.
Submitted April, 2017

HyberNate, the bear,
woke up hungry.

Out his den door, he saw
a buttermilk sky,
cotton candy clouds spooning,
then skidding apart,
split by forked lightning
kniving its way earthward
toward lettuce green hills
and broccoli trees looking over
lemon meringued valleys
with popcorn highways
edged with lollipops and bonbons.

“Oh (sigh)”, he thought, “It’s a
     word salad  kind of day.”



  1. Ohhhhh....I wish I had the ability to give an audible response here...because if I did you would hear that long, absolutely delighted "ohhhhhhhh" -- actually more of an "ahhhhhhh." This is absolutely wonderful -- from the name of the bear, to the delectble description of nature as he sees it, to his final words! WONDERFUL!!!! :)

  2. I love his name, Bev! No wonder he's hungry -a
    word salad kind of day' - ha ha!

  3. I love it... and extra much so since my name means Bear... I can imagine waking up hungry and seeing food everywhere.

  4. And he pushed away the salad and the broccoli and caught himself a big silver fish :)

  5. I'd be hungry, too, after all that hibernating. Nice name for the bear.

  6. So cute! I love bears and this one has a hungry sense of humor.

  7. reminds me of Baloo the bear from the Jungle Book! every thought awake or in sleep was a buffett! So loved this Beverly!

  8. I would have thought the same... hungry for a salad :)

  9. Excellent fun write Bev. Love the close - do hope he got fed!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  10. So delightful to read Beverly ~ When you are hungry, everything looks like food, smiles ~

  11. The images of salad in the landscape is simply ingenious!

  12. HyberNate...great name for a bear. I love all the images he saw when he awakened...hungry! Wonderful poem.

  13. Just fantastic. This is a feast for the ear, the eyes, even the taste buds. I LOVE to taste a poem.

  14. Very clever, Bev...a delicious word salad!

  15. Delightful! I like the "lettuce green hills."
    Did you mean to post this at Poets United? If so, please link/mention us on this page. Thanks!

  16. I LOVE the bear, his name, the word salad and the poem!

  17. Reading about 'Nate has made me hungry for more. And has made me laugh. Lots of fun!

  18. Especially picking out buttermilk sky and spooning cotton candy clouds from that salad!!!

  19. This is an absolute delight!! I want to spoon some cotton candy clouds, and luxuriate in lemon meringue valleys.

  20. I' glad I just finished lunch or it would be time to raid the fridge, may still be. HyberNate has some interesting ideas about the world around him. Maybe that's why bears eat so much. Maybe that's why I eat... nah

  21. That is just brilliant - sounds a bit like me when I have a craving! It made me laugh and admire your wit and brilliance!