Sunday, April 9, 2017


A haibun and haiku, submitted to
Poetry Pantry at Poets United
April 9, 2017

Dark clouds gathered on the horizon.  The birds fell quiet,
and small creatures scurried for cover.  A rogue wind crested
the hill, saddled the lightning and rode it arcing through the
dark clouds down to the valley floor.  Deafening bursts
of thunder rumbled up the valley and the trees bowed and
thrashed in a frenzied Macarena.  Raindrops built to a steady
downpour, and parched earth slaked its thirst, sending forth
a fecund fragrance.  After a time, distant thunder signaled
that the storm had moved on, and a soggy silence fell
over the valley. 

Dark clouds foretell storm
Nature exerts dominance
Silence left behind



  1. A wonderful haibun, Bev! Very descriptive.

  2. Wonderful imagery of an impending storm and quietitide afterwards. Well done :)

  3. I like the way you express the storm's buildup...and then its strength...and then the way that it moves out. Nature definitely lets us know, doesn't it, just who is in charge!

  4. I like Nature's Macarena.Nice haibun.

  5. I admire your haibun, I have not tried one of these and I am not really sure why. Your words made me feel the storm.

  6. Marvelous description. You brought the whole thing to life.

  7. There's nothing quite like the silence before and after a storm.

  8. the frenzied macarena of the trees..great image!

  9. This is so delightful to read. I love it all, your narrative and the haiku. I could hear that silence at the end.

  10. This is impressive writing - beautifully constructed, wonderfully rendered ... and a pleasure to read. An inspired haibun.

  11. Nature exerts dominance
    Silence left behind

    One just can't but accept the hand of Providence in all of the trying times in life!


  12. I love the rogue wind on a wild galloping horse! This poem is like a piece of music with a crescendo and diminuendo.