Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Poets United Midweek Motif asks us to
consider that which is holy.
Submitted April 19, 2017

Somewhere in the great what-comes-after, He-who-knows-all
must look upon our fractiousness, our failure to love one another,
our careless use of our wonderful world and the gifts herein, our
frantic search for the meaning of life, and shake His weary head
at our obtuseness, for that which is holy is all about us.   It is in
the innocent faces of  children, the sunrise and sunset we take for
granted,  the opening of a flower, the fragrance of Spring rain,
cool breezes on a summer day, the touch of a loved one, the tides
of the ocean, the flow of rivers,  the gift of music, the pristine
silence of new fallen snow, the glorious colors of autumn, and
the miracle that is life.   There are many avenues to the great
what-comes-after, if we but take the time to be still and allow
the peace that passes understanding to settle upon us.

wisdom in silence
blessed assurance for all
if we but listen


  1. Oh Bev, I resonate with every word and line. My fave poem this week.

  2. " . . . shake His weary head
    at our obtuseness, for that which is holy is all about us."
    That's an amazing image! What wonderful details you choose, too, all illustrating "the peace that passes understanding." I Love how you tie wisdom and holiness together.

  3. I agree. We just have to open our eyes with gratitude. I liked the haiku and the "wisdom in silence".

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! We can definitely find 'the holy' in the simplest (but in their own way - the most complex) things. If only we stay still & open to hearing!

  5. The problem with us is we take everything for granted! So we are the forever losers. Love the Haiku at the end.

  6. Oh, that's beautiful, and I couldn't agree more.

  7. A beautiful haiku to end it all

    Much love...

  8. I confess that being still is hard for me!

  9. Oh, yes...I completely agree!! While reading, a calm contentment spreads its wings within...beautiful!!

  10. Beautifully stated. I agree with you.