Monday, May 1, 2017

The River

Haibun Monday
Submitted to dVerse
May 1, 2017
Garth Brooks - The River

It was there, in the attic of my brain … “The River” … the lyric that had been meaningful to me in trying times … the lyric that inspired me to push forward when courage flagged.  Some songs speak to us, and linger in our memory like an old friend,  to be encountered once again with a rekindling of emotion.  I raise my glass to the musical poets who pen lyrics that mark the events in our lives ... a few notes of which, even years later,  can transport us back to that moment in time.  It seems contemporary lyrics often lack substance, and become a single repetitive phrase interspersed with "oh baby, baby."  Two lines from “The River” pop immediately to mind … “I will sail my vessel ’til the river runs dry.  I’ll never reach my destination if I never try”.    Ah, words to live by, Garth Brooks.   Thank you!

Turn the volume up
Sing me some inspiration
Music is my bliss



  1. Wonderful song! I love this sharing of music and the past we are sharing. And yes, music is my bliss also. Great haibun.

  2. Songs are stories, meant to have words that mean something. They go deep, poetry with words;

  3. Here, here! I'll drink to that! The attic of my brain - what a beautiful turn of phrase :)

  4. I like what you said about some songs speaking to us and lingering in our memory like an old friend' - it's so true. I also agree that contemporary lyrics often lack substance. Long may music be our bliss!

  5. Music and bliss are bedfellows for sure. Lovely piece Bev.

  6. pen lyrics that mark the events in our lives - this was especially beautiful to read Beverly, and because they write and we write our words find a place in the hearts of those who need to heal. Lovely haiku at the end.

  7. Sounds like a great inspirational song. Enjoyed your Haibun very much!

  8. I like the quote from Garth Brooks. The songs we love frame the events of our lives.

  9. Love that quote! Yes, there are those songs that simply bring it all back in a flash.
    I like your phrase, 'in the attic of my brain.'

  10. beautiful image .
    lovely writing!

    rivers are like desperate souls who travel to their origin hastily

  11. I love your phrase, "musical poets." I'm so thankful that songwriters make poetry available to the masses, in a way they can swallow. ;)

  12. A title of so many songs... actually Springsteen's the river have gotten me to sing along a few time, but far from uplifting....

    1. Springsteen's "River" IS harsh, gritty reality, as you say. I much prefer Garth Brooks' inspiring lyrics.

  13. Pleasant, easy listening, and yes, reassuring and uplifting.