Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Susan has chosen  Bicycles, Tricycles or Unicycles
for this week’s Midweek Motif.   The subject
conjures sweet memories of my favorite
childhood pastime.
Submitted to Poets United Midweek Motif
May, 2017

Sweet memories of bicycle rides at dusk
pedaling down lonely country roads
lost in summer fragrance
only the sound of gravel under wheels
meadowlarks perched on fenceposts
cattle grazing in the fields.

Once around the four mile square
a time for dreams and youthful plans
home in sight, and mother’s garden
tidy rows of vegetables, edged by flowers
bicycle parked, stop by the old grapevine
for reward of sweet purple grapes
watch out for evil bantam rooster

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  1. The leaving and returning was always part of the feel and sound of cycling as I remember it--the set route, the fields and birds and telephone wires and the what ifs--what if I went on forever?

  2. Even the evil bantam rooster sounds good compared with falling off the bike; making it unrideable and having to walk home 4 miles home with scrazed knees and hands...and the bike to repair. There are always good memories and bad!

  3. Really like your vivid memories that make this piece come alive with childhood abandon,


  4. Oh you took me back there. I remember just such bike rides, countrysides, and gardens. Loved this, Beverly.

  5. I can see you wheeling carefree through these various scenes. I am especially enchanted by the meadowlark, a bird I know well from my Kansas upbringing.

  6. Thanks for sharing the exhilaration, the fragrances the sights, the sounds. Your poem is packed with such literary goodies.
    Happy you dropped by to read mine Bev

    Much love...

  7. A wonderful trip down memory lanes..

  8. That was a stupendous ride, Beverly! In this poem, I felt it – the exhilaration of what a bike has to offer!!

  9. Such a happy ride on open country roads. Beautiful memories!

  10. Memories of a lovely country childhood.

  11. I am loving all of these bicycle memories! There is something about a ride in the country, where we ride makes all of the difference in our memories. It's always good to have a reward at the end of the ride.