Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Kim has issued a challenging challenge for
Tuesday Poetics.   Write a dramatic monologue,
she asks, and thrill her and chill her with our evil plans.
What’s more, we’re to do this in rhyming couplets
and anapestic format.   Forgive me for foregoing
Submitted to dVerse Tuesday Poetics
May 2, 2017 
I am happy for this chance to vent
My modicum of murderous intent
I fear it has potential, you see
To become a regular killing spree.

I want to dispose of more than one
Oh, many will go before I’m done
I’ll watch them fall like dominoes
And go the way of all my foes

A poisonous spray will do the task
I won’t inhale, I’ll wear a mask
It won’t take long til it’s all complete
And my victory will be so sweet.

Then. sitting back in my easy chair
I’ll cherish my view beyond compare
Free of the blight of those yellow scions
Oh, how I hate those dandelions. 


  1. My mind was going to politics until I read the last two lines. Very nice!

  2. I'm all in with you there Beverly. I spent a few days hoeing them down and now I want to see them all die. That was great!!!

  3. Until the end, I was with ya. I was fantasizing about finally getting rid of the German roaches that are plaguing my house.

  4. This is treat, Beverly, and not just a modicum of murderous intent!
    Poor dandelions. An you have a flavour of Browning in there, especially in the lines:
    'A poisonous spray will do the task
    I won’t inhale, I’ll wear a mask
    It won’t take long til it’s all complete
    And I’ll celebrate my victory sweet'!

  5. Sorry, should say 'a treat' - it's getting late over here!

  6. Oh how charming! Die, dandelions, die!

  7. Thank you for this delightful mind play

  8. I love those yellow dandelions in the fields ~ Your ending made me smile Bev ~ I thought it was all bloody and gore ~

  9. Teehee! This is awesome! Great surprise ending!

  10. Ha... yes they might look cheerful and smiley. But they are difficult to contro....

  11. The last line took me by surprise! At first I was pleased it was only dandelions were going to cop it, then I thought, but I like dandelions!

  12. oh no...dandelion massacre...i like them more than some humans ;)

  13. Ha! I first thought aphids...suspenseful indeed ;)